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Top 31 HR Service Delivery Software

Top 31 HR Service Delivery Software

Top 31 HR Service Delivery Software
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Top HR Service Delivery Software uses a shared service delivery model that describes the way how a shared service center renders services for its customers. HR Shared Service Center is a service delivery model that uses self-service and employee portals.

The employee interaction center (EIC) combines service center and help desk technology to allow HR professionals to have higher quality and more efficient interactions with employees. Self Service Human Resources allows the workforce to update and use employee-specific information, online via a browser, that is personalized to an individual’s role, experience, work content, language, and information needs.

Top HR Service Delivery Software : Top HR Service Delivery Software includes ADP Vantage HCM, Adrenalin HRMS, Aragon eHR, Dayforce HCM, Epicor HCM, Fairsail HCM, FinancialForce HCM, High Line Human Resources, Ignite’s NuView Human Capital Management, Infor Human Capital Management, iTrent HR, Vibe HCM, UltiPro, Talentia HCM, SAP SuccessFactors, Oracle HCM Cloud, OpenHR-Advanced Business Solutions, NGA Resource Link, NGA Preceda, Kronos Workforce Ready, and Kronos Workforce Central.

Top Free HR Service Delivery Software : Sentrifugo Open source HRMS, OrangeHRM, SimpleHRM, ICE Hrm, A1 eHR ,Open Baraza HCM HR Payroll,WaypointHR, Open Source ERP, Odoo, AdempiereA are some of the Top Free Talent Management Software.

Top HR Service Delivery Software

1. ADP Vantage HCM

ADP Vantage HCM is a strategically focused, globally scalable HR system that delivers unmatched expertise and service, comprehensive unified services, innovative and intuitive technology, and valuable insights to help unlock your workforce’s maximum potential

ADP Vantage HCM

ADP Vantage HCM

2. Adrenalin HRMS

Adrenalin gives all employees single window web based to all their HR processes, reducing time spent on administrative activities, significantly enhancing individual and corporate productivity.


Adrenalin HRMS


3. Aragon eHR

ARAGONERA’s solution which covers 100% of your HR needs-Administrative management of staff expenses, timesheets, leave, schedules, steering and management of candidates recruitment, evaluations, SWP, training, implementation of a company social network, simplification of all Human Resources procedures, integrate with the market’s leading payroll software, share a single data repository.


Toyota Material Handling use Aragon-eHR

4. Dayforce HCM

Ceridian establishes goals and standards to measure our success against them. Ceridian focuses on repeatability and reliability. Optimism is planned behavior that leads to success. It begins with preparation. Preparation leads to knowledge, knowledge leads to confidence and confidence creates success.

Dayforce HCM

Dayforce HCM


5. Epicor HCM

Epicor now offers embedded global HR with a best-in-class HCM solution. Epicor HCM is the most intuitive, functional, and adaptive HCM solution on the market. Epicor defined the next-generation of HCM solutions, with a full range of deployment models, and backed it with the best service in the industry to provide an unparalleled Human Resource Management System (HRMS).

Epicor HCM

Epicor HCM

6. Fairsail HCM

Fairsail automates the complete employment journey from both a manager and an employee perspective. It helps organizations to grow engagement through its Workforce experience Interface (WXI) that provides meaningful communications and superior experiences. Delivered via Salesforce scalable, secure ‘Software-as-a-Service’ (SaaS) platform, it runs on any device, enabling global and local policies to be implemented across languages, countries, currencies, payroll and benefits carriers.

Fairsail HCM

Fairsail HCM

7. FinancialForce HCM delivers a complete, unified Human Capital Management (HCM) solution on the cloud supporting the entire HR spectrum – a business’s human resource system of record; Financial Force Recruiting, Onboarding, Talent Management, Benefits, and Time & Attendance.

FinancialForce HCM

FinancialForce HCM


8. High Line Human Resources

High Line Human Resources is an intuitive human capital/employee resource management system that will help a business to track and manage employees, retirees, and candidates.

High Line Human Resources

High Line Human Resources

9. Ignite’s NuView

Ignite tech’s solutions implement best practices, automate key processes, provide advanced workflows, and allow for fact-based strategic decision-making. Stellar reporting and analysis which is available through a single global HR system makes it easy to report on your global enterprise, eliminating the need to separate systems within each country.

Ignite’s NuView

Ignite Technologies NuView HRMS 2015 Standard

10. Infor Human Capital Management

Infor comprehensive industry suites don’t require customization because they already deliver industry-specific functionality and support processes that are critical to micro-verticals. Infor lets to accelerate the business with a strategic HCM solution that turns the costumer’s human capital investment into a competitive advantage.


Infor Human Capital Management


11. Oracle HCM Cloud

HCM cloud differentiates the business with a talent centric and consumer based strategy that leverages technology to provide a collaborative, insightful, engaging and mobile HR, employee and executive experience. Oracle HCM Cloud enables modern human resources to find and retain the best talent and increase global agility.

Oracle HCM Cloud

Oracle HCM Cloud


12. iTrent HR

iTrent HR software delivers end to end HR management modules that deliver automation where it is needed and enable HR teams to streamline HR management and administration processes.Minimize costs and reduce HR’s administrative workload with automated correspondence for tasks such as contract generation, diversity & establishment monitoring, key date tracking, disciplinary & grievance management, and automated starter, transfer and leaver processing.


iTrent HR

13. SAP SuccessFactors

Sap SucessFactors HR solutions are flexible and extensible, and it supports local and global compliance needs. These solutions must be able to work based not on a solution provider’s rigid requirements, but on the users organization’s business drivers.


SAP SuccessFactors


14. Talentia HCM

Talentia’s HCM software leads the way in helping organizations to better manage, engage, motivate, develop and retain their people. Talentia offers modular HR and talent management software systems that reflect the input of hundreds of organizations and thousands of users worldwide.

Talentia HCM

Talentia HCM


15. UltiPro

Ultipro’s solution features include HR, Payroll, Benefits Administration, Open Enrollment and Life Events, Time, Attendance, and Scheduling, Payroll Administration, and Tax Management. Other strategic tools include Global HCM, Reporting, Workforce Analytics, and Business Intelligence.



16. NGA Resource Link

NGA Resource Link helps organizations reduce their costs, save time and improve effectiveness. It enables the costumer to manage the entire employee lifecycle from recruitment to staff development and succession planning.

NGA ResourceLink

NGA Resource Link

17. NGA Preceda

NGA Preceda is a cloud-based software platform that manages all of your organization’s Payroll and HR needs. Whether you have 100 employees or 200,000, Preceda offers a user-friendly, scalable solution that your staff will love.

NGA Preceda

18. Vibe HCM

cfactor’s Vibe HCM is easy-to-use and highly personalized. C-factor understands transactions, record keeping and the back-office. But it is about much more than that. It is about connecting people, creating excitement, effective communications, efficiency, job satisfaction, world-class hr service delivery through technology.

Vibe HCM

Vibe HCM

19. OpenHR-Advanced Business Solutions

OpenHR – Advanced Business Solutions: Advanced Business Solutions is a leading provider of integrated business applications and services for the public, private and third sectors. Advanced Business Solutions software is flexible, scalable and built on the latest proven network technologies.


OpenHR - Advanced Business Solutions

20. Kronos Workforce Ready

Workforce Ready is the cloud-based solution that allows today’s small to midsize businesses to gain a competitive advantage with consistent, real-time employee data. Giving you the single-source access you need to make better, more informed decisions. Control labor costs. Minimize compliance risk. And improve workforce productivity.




Top Free HR Service Delivery Software

Sentrifugo Open source HRMS, OrangeHRM, SimpleHRM, ICE Hrm, A1 eHR ,Open Baraza HCM HR Payroll,WaypointHR, Open Source ERP, Odoo, AdempiereA are some of the Top Free and Open Source Human Resource ( HR) Software.

1. Sentrifugo Open source HRMS

Sentrifugo is a one stop solution for managing all human resource processes. Sentrifugo offers a slew of features that are flexible and customizable to reflect your organization’s flow HR software for small & medium enterprises. Features include Human Resource, Performance Appraisal, Employee self-service, Analytics, Background Checks, Leave Management, Service Request, Talent Acquisition etc


2. OrangeHRM

OrangeHRM Open Source is a free HR management system that offers a wealth of modules to suit the needs of your business. This widely-used system is feature-rich, intuitive and provides an essential HR management platform along with free documentation and access to a broad community of users. Features include Open Source Human Resource Management .Administration Module, Personal Information Management, Leave Module, Time Module, Employee Self Service Module, Recruitment/ Applicant Tracking Module and Performance Module.


3. SimpleHRM

SimpleHRM is one of the fastest growing open source HRM for SME’s . Features include Personal Information Managements, Employee Self Service, Leave Management, Travel Management, Expense Management, Employee Daily Reporting, Benefits Management and Reports and Statistics .


4. ICE Hrm

ICE Hrm is a Human resource management system for small and medium sized organizations. It has a rich UI built with PHP and Java Script. The system is implemented with a modular architecture which makes it extendable and customizable easily.


5. A1 eHR

A1 ehr is a unified system which provides a single system-of-record for employees with inbuilt employee self-service, embedded workflow, analytics & BI Engines to provide a user experience unlike any other enterprise application.
A1 ehr

A1 eHR

6. Open Baraza HCM HR Payroll

Open Baraza HCM HR Payroll allows organizations to manage it’s Human Capital optimally for highest optimal output to each individual and do this with clear organizational harmony to achieve value and profit for the organization. HCM has Human resources – HR and Payroll management system. Features include online job applications; employee details with standardised CV; leave management; payroll processing. Its based on the Open Baraza Java/XML.

Open Baraza HCM HR Payroll

Open Baraza HCM HR Payroll

7. WaypointHR

WaypointHR is an HR database for managing employee records and personnel information. MySQL is used for the database and PHP (4 or 5) is used for the web browser based interface. Ease of use and effective management reports are key design goals.



8. Open Source ERP

Open Source ERP is a web based ERP. The internal data collected includes the qualifications of employees, the daily working time, the cost of the employees. It can be a color associated with, for example, is used in the scheduling for quick identification of the employee. Also provides Time sheet and time planning.
Open Source ERP

Open Source ERP

9. Odoo

Odoo is a suite of open source business apps that cover all your company needs including Human Resources, CRM, eCommerce, accounting, inventory, point of sale, project management, etc.The human resources features include Human Resources Employee Directory, Expenses, Vacations, Recruitments, Appraisals, Departments and Dashboard.

10. AdempiereA

AdempiereA full ERP system focused on enterprise functionality. HR features include availability of accurate information from its employees, Human Capital Management, boosting employee productivity, Defining Vision while Training together as well, Career Development Plans and goals of employees.


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