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About PAT Research

About PAT Research

PAT RESEARCH is a B2B discovery platform which provides Best Practices, Buying Guides, Reviews, Ratings, Comparison, Research, Commentary, and Analysis for Enterprise Software and Services. We provide Best Practices, PAT Index™ enabled product reviews and user review comparisons to help IT decision makers such as CEO's, CIO's, Directors, and Executives to identify technologies, software, service and strategies.

PAT RESEARCH was founded in 2013 and has over 5,000 products reviewed with editor reviews, user reviews, editor and user ratings with a community membership over 100,000 users. Every day thousands of potential buyers uses PAT RESEARCH to compare B2B products to aid their buying decision process.

  • We publish Best Practices on Strategy, Software Selection, Project Planning and Implementation. We also publish Buying Guides for each software category. We also provide Live chat assistance in selecting the software (beta version).
  • We provide Editor Review of B2B products. We have over 5,000 products in over 500 software categories reviewed and rated by PAT RESEARCH Review Desk. Each product is reviewed by the Review Desk for Ease of Use, Features & Functionality, Advanced Features, Integration, Customer Support, Performance, and other criteria relevant for the product. We use our own propriety algorithm called PAT Rating™ as a base for standardization among the various software categories Editor Review rating.
  • We publish index score (every H1 &H2) for each product, service or course using our own propriety algorithm called PAT Index™ which is calculated based on how well the product or the software category is performing among the community at PAT RESEARCH in comparison to other products or other software category. Some of the variables which influence PAT Index™ are Reviews, Rating, Views, Likes, Reactions. We append this score with a variable for data from outside sources such as social media signals.
  • We publish PAT Grid scoring (every H1 &H2) based on PAT Index™ and PAT Rating™ for Top 20 products or service in each category. We also publish trending for software and service categories (every H1 &H2) based on PAT Index™.
  • We provide Editor Review for MS courses. Each course is reviewed by the Review Desk for Training, Academics, Faculty, Placement, Industry Interaction. We also provide PAT Index™ and PAT Grid scoring (every H1 &H2) for MS courses.
  • We enable our community and users to provide User Reviews of B2B products. We have over 100,000 community memberships with over 3,000 user reviews and ratings. Our Community members review the product for Ease of Use, Features & Functionality, Advanced Features, Integration, Customer Support, Performance, Implementation, Review and Recommend and other criteria relevant for the product.
  • We provide sort ( PAT Index™, Most Rated, Highest Rated, Most Viewed, Most Reviewed, Most Liked, Awarded), search, filter and compare features for Editor and User Reviews and Ratings.
  • We provide our suggestions for alternative products for each software products.
  • We announce the Best of the Software Awards called PAT Awards™ and publish the Top Software lists such as PAT Top Ten™ and PAT Top Twenty™ based PAT Index™.
  • We partner with Vendors and Software solution providers but our Top Software lists, PAT Rating™, PAT Index™, PAT Awards™, PAT Research™ are by no way influenced by vendors or solution providers.
  • We provide Vertical Industry Research, Emerging Technology Research and different Software Category Research such as Business Intelligence, Customer Relationship Management, and Enterprise Resource Planning etc under the banner PAT Research™. PAT RESEARCH desk is one of the best in Industry and specialized in various niche fields and we help vendors with co-branded Marketing.
  • We conduct Survey, Market Research, Market Outlook Analysis using our various channels amongst our community of over 100,000 members and publish the information.
  • Every month over 500,000 users visit PAT RESEARCH. We have over 60,000 double opt in newsletter subscribers, over 15,000 push notification subscribers and over 60,000 users in various social media pages and communities.
  • All the lists provided in this site are purely our opinion based on PAT RESEARCH and doesn’t mean that the products not included are not the best or good for your purpose.

Every day, thousands of potential buyers including CEO's, CIO's, Directors, and Executives read PAT RESEARCH Top Lists (PAT Top Ten™ and PAT Top Twenty™), Market Research, Outlook and Analysis articles through website, email and social media channels.


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