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Why Partner with PAT Research

Why Partner with PAT Research

We offer vendors limited time FREE ability to update the listing details and/or submit new products/ services or courses for listing.

What do you get by using this service: You get FREE ability to update the listing details and sections for corrections or updates or additions. This will keep your listing up to date and current.

We offer a number of sections to be available for update for the vendor such as Summary, Features List, Pricing Details, MobileApp Details, ScreenShots, Videos, Whitepaper, FAQ, Logo, and Case Study.

We also offer the ability to update the following in Summary section: Synopsis, Features, License, Users Size, User Industry, Support, Website link, Demo link, What is best? and What are the benefits?

Why should I use this service: This will keep your listing current and up to date and help in building your overall social profile as a responsible vendor. Maintaining your social profile is a key aspect of modern marketing strategy as potential prospects uses multiple sources to base their decisions. In addition to that we give priority to products which are updated by the vendor in the order we list products in our category pages and lists. Depending on how you qualify, you will get one of the two badges : Recommended by PAT RESEARCH or Validated by PAT RESEARCH. The products are listed in our lists and category pages based on the vendor badge and PAT Index ™. A complete profile will also improve your Editor Ratings and PAT Index ™ over a period of time. If you are qualified, this also gives you the opportunity to acquire high quality web traffic and sales leads from our website FREE.

Ready to start: To start the process to update listing or to add your product, service or course to our listing : Please fill in and submit the following form after you login with the social media: We will contact you with further instructions.

First Step : Sign in with Social media so that we can link your profile with your social media id.

Second Step : Please provide the details on what you would like to do : Claim your listing for update, Create new listing etc.


Benefits of using PAT RESEARCH Listing Service

Benefits of using PAT RESEARCH Listing Service


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