MBA Full Time 1 Year

MBA Full Time 1 Year program gives students the expertise essential in achieving positions in firms. It typically brings together classwork and personal coaching, which are relevant for sharpening the skills of a person in the business sector. Students getting into this program have the benefit of having an edge over other applicants looking for positions in firms. The program also has an excellent approach to international business and addressing the complexity experienced in business administration. The program focuses on three main sections which are intensive learning, developing leadership, and real-world or real learning. In intensive learning, the program offers high level education that sharpens the user’s abilities and prepares that person to face any challenge that may confront the company. In developing leadership, the program uses personal interaction and working with groups to expose the user outside their comfort zones to help in improving their managerial skills. In the real-world learning or real learning, the program concentrates about the real issues administration of business and how to solve them. It also goes forward and show how to apply the real scenarios in business rather than coming up with abstract theories.

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MBA Full Time 1 Year
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