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Top 18 Opportunity Management CRM Software

Top 18 Opportunity Management CRM Software

Top 18 Opportunity Management CRM Software
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18 Opportunity Management CRM Software : Opportunity Management CRM Software provides a collaborative approach for Opportunity Management such as generating ideas, recognizing opportunities, and driving opportunities. Opportunity Management CRM Software provides capabilities to track deal details and streamline the sales process. It also provides sales team with the latest deal details, progress and closure.

Saleslogix, Maximizer Software, NetSuite, Zoho, Soffront Software, Aplicor, Pivotal CRM, CRMnext, GoldMine, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SAP, Oracle Siebel CRM, Oracle Sales Cloud, SugarCRM, Act, Sage CRM, Salesforce and Tour de Force CRM are some of the top Opportunity Management CRM Software in no particular order.

18 Opportunity Management CRM Software


Infor Saleslogix manage all key opportunity data for maximum sales productivity and effectiveness. It track probability of close, products, lead source, status, and competitors, generate sales proposals automatically reflecting native customer currency and view Opportunity Snapshot and e-mail key summary data to managers with one click.


2.Maximizer Software

Maximizer Software monitor the effectiveness of sales team by measuring close rate, abandonment rate, and loss rate for all opportunities and learn where to focus sales efforts and move towards a predictable sales pipeline.

 Maximizer Software


NetSuite's Sales Force Automation (SFA) software powers the sales organization with integrated sales processes from opportunity, upsell and quote management to sales forecasting, order management, fulfillment, and sales commission.With real-time dashboards, sales reps and managers gain better insight to sell, upsell, drive renewals, and properly set customer expectations.


4.Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM’s Opportunity Tracking tool gives you a current, comprehensive view of all your sales activities. Know where every customer is in the sales cycle, deal size, contact history, even competitor information to help craft more effective messaging. Dynamic Reports & Dashboards provide an easy, accurate read of everything going on

Zoho CRM

5.Soffront Software

Soffront Software provide a simple “Excel like” screen to provide prospect list at a glance. It manage Sales Tasks and Activities, Schedule sales tasks and follow-up activities, record completed activities automatically within customer records and automatically forward activities to the next follow-up date when an activity is completed.

Soffront Software


Aplicor 3C Opportunity Management connect all customer information with transaction information related to the prospect, customer or supplier. Enables marketers and managers only to mine a single database to untangle and weed-out either risks or opportunities found between the overlapping layers of information and that often fall between the cracks of most systems.


7.Pivotal CRM

Pivotal CRM provides a structured approach to opportunity management a breeze for sales teams. With an intuitive interface, visual workflows and opportunity milestones built right in, diligent opportunity management help sales management gauge the forecast, and helps salespeople close deals and make money.

 Pivotal CRM


CRMnext opportunity management manage deals and pipeline more effectively, across geographies. ensuring faster closures through improved collaboration and timely actions.



GoldMine opportunity management schedule follow-up tasks, track customer information, such as competitor and influencer information, provide orecast, quota assignment and opportunity tracking capabililties for a solid sales analysis.


10.Microsoft Dynamics CRM

In Microsoft Dynamics CRM opportunities are the core record in the sales process used by the sales team, to represent a potential sale for a specific customer. Opportunity adds the potential sale to the sales pipeline and also allow organizations to track the success of marketing efforts by tracking sales back to the original lead source and source campaign.

 Microsoft Dynamics CRM


SAP CRM provides Opportunity Management enables you to control the sales process. An opportunity is a recognized possibility for an enterprise, for example, for sales of products or services. The Opportunity describes the sales prospects, their requested products and services, the sales prospects' budget, the potential sales volume and an estimated sales probability. Opportunity Management provides the framework for presenting sales projects from the very start, and tracking their progress.


12.Oracle Siebel CRM

Siebel Forecasting helps to manage revenues by account, opportunity, product line, project, partner, division, organization, or employee and conduct comprehensive matrix organization forecasting and sales team revenue allocation. Run real-time analyses of revenues, profit margins, and close dates and manage recurring revenues, multiple currencies, and robust currency conversion.

 Oracle Siebel CRM

13.Oracle Sales Cloud

Oracle Sales Cloud enables lead and Opportunity Management by eaasily configure to support the unique business needs.

 Oracle Sales Cloud


SugarCRM provides Enterprise opportunity management features to track and monitor oppurtunies.



Swiftpage Act enables view all relationship interactions and communication history for your system and everyone you do business with.


16.Sage CRM

Sage CRM provides a ccurate forecasts and opportunity management to see what stage sales deals are at in your pipeline. Sales opportunity tracking progress leads, convert them to opportunities and allocate them to the right reps or teams.

Sage CRM


Salesforce manage all sales deals with Salesforce to create quotes based on the deal information and stay connected to the people and information to close every sale, from anywhere.


18.Tour de Force CRM

Tour de Force CRM is a streamlined business solution that helps companies improve sales performance and deliver quality customer service by allowing employees to share information throughout the organization.

 Tour de Force CRM

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