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How to Select the Best Business Process Management (BPM) Software for Your Business

How to Select the Best Business Process Management (BPM) Software for Your Business

How to Select the Best Business Process Management (BPM) Software for Your Business
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Business Process Management (BPM) Software is a well-developed system that allows you to create, monitor and analyze workflows effectively within an organization. Business Process Management (BPM) is the process of modelling, optimizing, controlling and executing an organization’s operations, by ensuring that business processes are more effectively managed. Business Process Management include actions that allow a company achieve specific organizational objectives, and also adapt the company’s workflow to several changes in the workplace. The ultimate goal of the business process management software is to improve on human deficiencies and completely eliminate errors in the workplace. The most sophisticated business process management tools are often integrated solutions that allow you to construct, manage, optimize and implement difficult processes, and workflows to improve the general performance of the business. The Business Process Management Software does more that just constructing flowcharts and mind maps, it also supports the whole business process in order to boost responsiveness, performance and flexibility by supporting collaboration and integration. With this tool, you can produce better results and increase customer loyalty.

Business Project Management (BPM) software reduces employee inefficiencies, miscommunications and mistakes in a working environment. To leverage all the benefits associated with business process management, organizations and companies adopt the use of a business process management software. The Business Process Management Software considerably improves a business chances of increasing process performance, improving employee satisfaction and leveraging opportunities for creativity by simplifying business operations. They also have inter-operational features that support integration with other important business tools. Business Process Management Software is revolutionizing the corporate industry and it necessary for every organization to key into this technology.

What are Business Process Management (BPM) Software?

Business Process Management focuses on improving corporate performance by managing and optimising a company’s business processes. Business Process Management Software is used to map out everyday processes to identify and eliminate bottlenecks, control the organisation costs, to make the day to day processes as efficient as possible.

A Workflow Software provides routing engine capabilities to route the task from one person to another, where as a Business Process Management Software in addition to routing engine capabilities, also provides full process life cycle functions such as process modelling, process monitoring and process simulation.A BPM Suite generally includes business user-friendly modeling and optimization tools, tools for system integration, business activity monitoring dashboards, and rich task and case management capabilities for end users.

Identifying Which Type of Business Process Management (BPM) Software is right for your business

Business process management tools are classified based on their framework and the type of hosting. Depending on the type of hosting, there are two important types of business process management software; they are:

  • On-premise business process management software: This is the most common type of BPM solutions, they are hosted on the computer servers in the business environment
  • Software as a service: These class of BPM’s are hosted on cloud servers.

Based on their framework, business process management software is classified into:

  • Horizontal BPM Framework: This type of business process management deal with the construction and design of various business processes. They often focus on the technical aspect of business processes.
  • Vertical BPM Framework: This type of business tools is used to carry out specific class of coordinated tasks, using existing templates that can easily be hosted and configures.
  • Full Service BPM Suites: The functions of the full-service business process management software suites include process mapping, process modelling and design, Process simulation, Data mapping, collection and analysis, integration and lifecycle management.


Business Process Management Classification

Business Process Management Classification

Depending on company`s needs, business requirements and future goals, there are several types of Business Process Management (BPM) Software available based on licensing model:

  • Open Source Business Process Management (BPM) : These are Open Source Software where the source code is available.
  • Free Proprietary Business Process Management (BPM) : These are limited versions of a fully functional propriety Business Process Management (BPM) Software.
  • Proprietary Business Process Management (BPM) : Full paid version of Business Process Management (BPM) Software which is available either in cloud or standalone client server architecture.


Three Types of Business Process Management (BPM) Software

Three Types of Business Process Management (BPM) Software

15 Essential Business Process Management (BPM) Software Features

The many features of the business process management software, makes it the perfect tool for optimizing business process to yield the best results. Some of the key features of the business process management software include visual process modelling, drag and drop form generator, mobile support, powerful administrator features, integration with existing software, comprehensive reporting, analytics, Scalability, business process modelling, process optimization, payment integration, Automatic notification features, simulation, role base routing, To-do widgets, process mapping, data collection, management and analysis, real time monitoring, project management, workflow management, process mapping

  • Integration with existing software solutions: This software allows for interoperability with other applications and systems. Those applications could be a Cloud-based SaaS (Service as a Software) software or an on-premise software.
  • Business process Optimization: The business process management software significantly reduces the time it takes to discover and optimize business tasks to yield better business results.
  • Analytics: A business process management software may incorporate prescriptive or predictive analysis to provide insights into the most important business-dependent factors.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: This business tool combines logic and statistics to provide a comprehensive report on various business processes.
  • Simulation: After modelling a business process, you can simulate the process with the simulation feature to give you an insight into what each participant will see.
  • Role-based routing: The business process management software comes with inbuilt organizational structures to enable you specify the role of every individual in the organization, in case they aren’t already defined in another database.
  • To-do widgets: With the business process management software, each employee can create a list of important to-do tasks and set a reminder for each task.
  • Process Mapping: This feature allows you to represent ideas and work processes in form of flow diagrams, maps, charts and other form of visuals
  • Data Collection, Management and Analysis: Today, businesses have to deal with large amount of data and there it is required that you own a business process management software that has the capability to collect, manage and analyze large data sets.
  • Mobile Support: Your business process management software should have customizable dashboards that allows you to setup personalized working environments that your employees can access on their mobile devices
  • Real time monitoring: The business process management software allows you to monitor your business processes in real time as well as measure the performance of key business indicators.
  • Project Management: This feature allows you to manage your business projects with relative ease.
  • Workflow Management: Another huge advantage of the business process management software is that it allows you to construct, simulate and implement advanced workflows by integrating communication between employees, systems and data sets.
  • Drag and Drop form generator: This software provides a simple interface that allows you to design beautiful forms without writing a single line of code.


What are the Benefits of Business Process Management Software

Many businesses are turning to the business process management software to give them the competitive edge required to thrive in the corporate world. Through its several features, the BPM is centered on driving industrial value by optimizing business processes. Regardless of how you deploy the software, it could be beneficial to your business in several ways. Here are some of the benefits of the business process management software:

  • Improved Productivity: The business process management software can improve the productivity in a business arena by automating redundant elements in a workflow, which allows employees to focus their time and energy on other productive areas
  • Increased Efficiency and Reduced risks: With BPM’s, you can create better-developed, designed, implemented and monitored business process, which results in increased efficiency.
  • Employee Satisfaction: BPM automation cuts down on repetitive work considerably allowing employees to go about their daily tasks with relative ease.
  • Technology Integration: The business process management software bridges the gap between business and information technology by allowing a mobile support feature.
  • Cost Efficiency: Integrated BPM solutions allow you to maximize profit and minimize losses by streamlining business operations, automating recurring tasks, monitoring key metrics, and simulating workflows
  • Better Customer Relations: It also provides a platform to enable relate with your customers better and easier.
  • Ease of Use: The flexible and User-friendly interface of the business process management software allows you to convert complicated process forms to visuals that easier to comprehend.

Other noteworthy benefits include improved account management, reduced paper work, reduced employee onboarding, enhanced business agility, clarity on strategic direction, discipline in daily operations, assured competitive edge and minimized inefficiencies.


What are the Latest trends in Business Process Management Software

The most recent trends in the development of the Business Process Management Software include;

  • Robotic Process Automation: Business Process Management Vendors are harnessing AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) to develop bots, that completely eliminate human intervention in the daily running of the software
  • Internet of Things (IoT): Business Process Management can leverage on this sensor technology to automate various business processes.
  • Virtual Assistants: More vendors are incorporating a conversational interface in their software to enable business communicate with potential and existing customers.


Is a Free Business Process Management (BPM) Software Worthwhile?

Business Process Management (BPM) Software has many features and can do a lot to help your business to succeed by modeling your business process and making it efficient, but it can be expensive. There are plenty of free Business Process Management (BPM) Software available. There are two category of Free Business Process Management (BPM) Software Software : Free Open Source Business Process Management (BPM) Software and Limited version of a Proprietary Business Process Management (BPM) Software.

Free Open Source Business Process Management (BPM) Software is a good choice, when you have a development team available in your company and when you want to try out the product or build new features and functionality on top of it. You need to spend time to set it up and running.

The limited version of a Proprietary Business Process Management (BPM) Software is a good way to see if it will be useful to your business before making a big investment but these software comes with limitations.  A free limited version from a proprietary product company will make it easier to upgrade in the long run and also help you determine if that company’s solution is what you want.

There are also drawbacks to Free Limited version of a Proprietary Business Process Management (BPM) Software . These limited version do not have nearly as many features available in a fully functional paid version, and there are limits such as number of process modeling, storage limits, number of reports, limited data integration options, and also on the number of users you can have. The free versions also have limited support options.

 How to choose the right Business Process Management Software

Below is a list of important things to consider when comparing various business process management solutions:

How to choose the right Business Process Management Software

How to choose the right Business Process Management Software

  • Potential Software Vendors: It is important to make sure that any software you purchase is the best fit for your business. It is bad business practice to pay for extra features that you do need now or in the future
  • Budget: When opting for a software, you should consider not only the present cost of the software but additional costs such as training costs, onboarding costs, installation. You should make sure that the software aligns with your plans.
  • Return on Investment: It is necessary to make inquiries from BPM software vendors about the current return on investment that their current clients are achieving. This information gives you insight into a potential return on investment.
  • Scalability: For businesses with plans of growth and expansion, it is necessary to opt for business solutions that allows for future scalability
  • Hosting Options: The software could be hosted on your company’s servers or on a cloud-based server. Therefore, if you have enough manpower and technical resources to support an in-house hosting, then it’d be better to opt for an on-premise software.
  • Business Goals: you should determine what you hope to achieve with a business process management software before you choose one.

Open Source and Free Business Process Management (BPM) Tools

jSonic BPM, Activiti, Modelio, yEd, Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite, Imixs-BPMN, W4 Web Modeler, Bizagi BPMN, ADONIS:CE, RunaWFE, Joget, ARIS Express, Bonita BPM, SYDLE SEED, Camunda, Orchestra, ProcessMaker, Yaoqiang BPMN,, BPMN2 Modeler, jBPM, ARCWAY Cockpit, Cubetto, Feng Office Community Edition are some of the top Open Source and Free BPM tools.

Open Source and Free Business Process Management
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Top Business Process Management Software

Flokzu, Visio, Lucidchart, MagicDraw, Adobe LiveCycle, Alfresco Activiti, Visual Planning, Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite, Bizflow, IBM Blueworks Live, KiSSFLOW BPM, Appian, FICO Blaze Advisor, HEFLO, ADONIS, Elements Process Knowledge, Software Ideas Modeler, Edraw Max Pro, Micro Focus Together, Enterprise Architect, Digital Enterprise Suite, Pega 7 BPM, OmniGraffle 7, Intellect Accelerate, OpenText MBPM, OpenEdge BPM, Metastorm BPM, Newgen OmniFlow, SAP NetWeaver BPM, Oracle Business Process Management, Workflow, TIBCO Nimbus, K2 blackpearl, Enterprise Studio, Zoho Creator, Nintex, Promapp, Bpm’online, IBM WebSphere Dynamic Process Edition, Intalio, Sequence iBPMS, EMC Documentum, Castrum Platform, Skore app, UNICOM System Architect, Visto, TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM, Workfront Marketing Work Cloud, ActiveVos, webMethods AgileApps Cloud, BP Logix, Textografo, Software AG ARIS, Software AG ARIS Cloud, Interstage, Work-Relay, Sequencer, Innovator, Navvia Process Designer, AutoMate, Laserfiche, Ultimus, ProcessMate, Pellio, IBM Business Process Manager some of the best Best Business Process Management Software.

Business Process Management Software
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