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20 Predictive Lead Scoring Software

20 Predictive Lead Scoring Software

20 Predictive Lead Scoring Software
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20 Predictive Lead Scoring Software: Lead scoring is a very useful system for measuring a prospect’s likelihood of buying. Lead scoring is used to rank prospects against a scale that represents the perceived value each lead represents to the organization. The resulting score is used to determine which leads will engage and in the order of priority. A score can be arrived by considering the prospect’s previous interactions with the organisation along with other external data points and signals, such as demographics and prospects behaviour attributes from various other data sources. This can be achived by connecting organisations customer relationship management system with a predictive lead scoring platform. The predicted lead score and the potential future value of the prospect provides the marketers a 360 degree view of all buying signals and will allow sales people to prioritize their targets. Lattice Engines, Fliptop, 6sense, Infer, Leadspace, Mintigo, Salesfusion, Versium, Wise, InsideSales, Lead Liaison, SalesPredict, Custora , Televerde, Futurelytics, Fiserv, Angoss KnowledgeSCORE, KXEN, Predixion, EverString are some of the companies who offer predictive lead scoring platforms in no particular order.

20 Predictive Lead Scoring Platforms

Lattice Engines, Fliptop, 6sense, Infer, Leadspace, Mintigo, Salesfusion, Versium, Wise, InsideSales, Lead Liaison, SalesPredict, Custora , Televerde, Futurelytics, Fiserv, Angoss KnowledgeSCORE, KXEN, Predixion, EverStrin

1. Lattice Engines

Lattice is a cloud based predictive marketing and sales applications provider who offers a set of predictive applications to score and segment, to retain and sell, to enable sales to prioritize leads and accounts, and to expand customer relationships and mitigate churn.
Lattice Engines

Lattice Engine

Lattice Engine

2. Fliptop

Fliptop’s applications such as predictive lead scoring, campgain optimization, pipeline forecasting are all built on top of the Fliptop Predictive Engine. Fliptop Predictive Engine is fully automated, SaaS-based, predictive scoring platform in the market. Fliptop’s API, web to lead Javascript, or webhooks provide integration for real time scoring.


3. 6sense

6sense is a B2B predictive intelligence engine for marketing and sales which uncovers net-new prospects at every stage of the funnel and determines which existing prospects are in market to buy. 6sense predicts what products prospects will buy, how much they will buy, and when and deliver qualified leads to sales teams with the data to back up each account and contact’s score.


4. Infer

Infer is a cloud-based solutions that leverage proven data science to rapidly model the untapped data sitting in enterprises, along with hundreds of external signals from the web to calculates a score, to enable the business to see which leads are most likely to convert or have the biggest revenue impact. Infer delivers data powered business applications that help companies win more customers.




5. Leadspace

Leadspace is a SaaS solution, B2B demand generation platform that enables companies to tap into social, internal and external data in real-time to discover, engage and understand prospects to drive increased marketing and sales performance from data enrichment, scoring and ranking to social targeting and sales prospecting via predictive analytics.


Lead Liaison

Lead Liaison

6. Mintigo

Mintigo is a Predictive Marketing Platform to discover, target, and engage the best prospects. Mintigo learns from every campaign and user interaction, predictively scores and enriches every lead in real time, and finds the best way to target and engage your prospects.




7. Salesfusion

Salesfusion is a cloud-based marketing automation vendor to provide relevant, contextual information to sales by delivering a lead nurturing and engagement marketing automation platform to marketers. Salesfusion help marketers attract new opportunities, convert them into customers and nurture them into lifetime relationships.




8. Versium

Versium Predictive Scores are the outcome of matching technologies that enable predictive models to utilize enterprise data in combination with Versium’s LifeData. These predictive scores allow businesses to act on a single piece of information, without having to worry about mathematical equations and complex associations of data. Versium predictive scores can be easily accessible from within existing enterprise systems through our API interface.


9. Wise

Wise provides machine learning applications enabling to optimize customer’s experience across their lifecycle including acquisition, monetization, retention and support. Wise Applications use open APIs and OAuth to automatically connect to data.


10. InsideSales

InsideSales offers cloud based sales acceleration technology, using Neuralytics the platform creates high performance sales teams by offering communications for immediate response, gamification for sales motivation, data visualization for an immersive experience with sales data, and predictive analytics for lead prioritization, score and hiring.

11. Lead Liaison

Lead Liaison is a cloud based sales and marketing automation solution that helps businesses accelerate sales by attracting, converting, closing and retaining more prospects. Provides solutions such as a hot-lead dashboard, Buy Signals and a live ticker alert, lead scoring using the single platform, called Revenue Generation Software.

Lead Liaison

12. SalesPredict

SalesPredict helps companies increase revenues by identifying who their best potential prospects really are and providing information and purchase signal insights and predictive scoring that accelerate sales cycles and improve conversion rates.


13. Custora

Custora is a SaaS platform to help online retailers better understand and market to their customers. Custora software employs customer analytics methodologies and integrates directly with email providers to help marketers deliver more relevant, meaningful communications.


14. Televerde

Televerde solutions optimize pipeline volume, quality and velocity and help to benefit from fresh insights for successful sales outcomes with integrated demand generation, lead Scoring and sales pipeline solutions.


15. Futurelytics

Futurelytics’ Predictive Platform operates entirely in the cloud and operates on the Google App Engine. By using BigQuery and Prediction API together with their technology, Futurelytics deliver valuable and scalable customer insights. Futurelytics API follows common coding conventions, such as REST, which can help analyze the data with the following features such as predictive customer scoring, upsell opportunity analysis, product recommendation engine, customer churn prediction and in-game recommendation algorithm .


16. Fiserv

Predictive Scores from Fiserv is a predictive modeling solution for customer behaviour. It uses customer data to create a 360-degree view of a relationship, based on account data, online/mobile banking activity, and debit card and electronic bill pay usage.


17. Angoss KnowledgeSCORE

Angoss KnowledgeSCORE is a cloud-based solution for CRM systems that uses predictive analytics to score leads and opportunities, improving marketing effectiveness, increasing sales productivity and helping to drive overall revenue growth.


18. KXEN

KXEN’s Predictive Lead Scoring instantly scores your sales leads by analyzing which leads in the past have converted into qualified sales opportunities.


19. Predixion

Predixion Software provides customer retention, customer Segmentation and Targeting, Lead Ranking, Scoring, and Definitive Action Plans and Upselling and Cross-selling


20. EverString

EverString’s predictive analytics platform helps B2B companies identify and engage with the best customer prospect.


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