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Denver Selects Workday to Support Future Growth Plans

Denver Selects Workday to Support Future Growth Plans

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Workday, a leader in enterprise cloud applications for finance and human resources, announced that the City and County of Denver, including Denver International Airport, has selected Workday's unified suite of applications, including Workday Financial Management and Workday Human Capital Management (HCM). With Workday, Denver will have a flexible technology foundation that will reduce complexities and costs, support ongoing growth, and provide insights that will help Denver's leaders understand the status of programs and services where and when required. The system will be deployed by Workday partner Sierra-Cedar. With more than 675,000 residents, Denver is the most populous county in Colorado and home to Denver International Airport, the fifth busiest airport in the United States and the 15th busiest airport in the world. The airport is governed by the City and County of Denver, which manages all of its financial and HR operations. As part of its focus on innovation and transformation, Denver selected Workday to replace its costly and cumbersome legacy system.

With Workday, Denver will benefit from:

• Improved Business Processes and Reduced Complexity: With Workday's built-in business process framework, Denver will standardize and streamline finance and HR operations across departments. Workday also will enable Denver to easily set up new business processes or make adjustments when necessary, such as organizational changes or approval chains.

• Real-Time Insights Into Operations: With Workday, Denver will have access to built-in analytics and reporting on real-time HR and financial data, from current headcounts to program and project details -- all in one system.

• A Mobile-First Approach to Enable Anytime, Anywhere Access: Workday's intuitive, user-friendly interface will make it easy for Denver's employees -- many of whom are on the go and working remotely -- to access information and perform tasks without having to be onsite or use a call-in desk.

• Continuous Innovation: Denver will be able to leverage continuous innovation from Workday's development on a single codeline, helping ensure employees are always on the most current version, and reducing the cost and effort required with an on-premise upgrade.

"We are building Denver for the future, and investing in innovative technology that will support our vision for progress and make this an even greater city to live, work, and visit," said Christine Binnicker, executive director, Denver Technology Services, City and County of Denver. "With Workday, we will have a technology foundation that enables us to be faster, smarter, and more efficient in the way we work. The impact will be far reaching, from gaining insights that can improve our programs to making it easier for employees to do their jobs."

"As a fast-growing city and county, and one of the top travel hubs in the country, Denver needed an agile finance and HR system that could support ongoing change and reduce complexity," said Randy Hendricks, president, Education and Government, Workday. "With Workday, Denver will have real-time insights that will enable it to adapt quickly to shifting priorities and demands, as well as greater insight into progress and results."

"We continue to see government organizations like Denver drive their vision and innovation agendas forward by moving finance and HR to the cloud," said Mary Sheffield, general manager, Workday Services, Sierra-Cedar. "By partnering with Workday, we will help Denver streamline processes and identify efficiencies to better serve its constituents, and position Denver for future growth and success."

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