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SanMar Implements an Integrated HCM Solution

SanMar Implements an Integrated HCM Solution

SanMar Corporation, the nation's largest supplier of wholesale clothing for the logoed apparel industry, has expanded over the past four decades to encompass eight national distribution centers with more than 4,000 employees. In the course of that growth, its leadership team saw that they'd outgrown their human resources (HR), payroll and compliance systems, prompting them to look for more advanced systems. Their search led them to ADP, which was able to provide an integrated ADP Vantage HCM solution, including ADP SmartCompliance for tax credit services, employment verification, Affordable Care Act compliance and wage garnishment services.

"ADP not only stepped up to meet an accelerated deadline for the project, the solutions they implemented were easy to use and understand, and fit our vision of the future," said Marty Rask, chief operating officer for SanMar. "Admittedly, our project team members were experiencing a certain amount of project fatigue before ADP joined us, but ADP exceeded our expectations to support us throughout the rest of the project. Today, ADP's solutions have significantly improved payroll efficiency, enhanced visibility into our HR and benefits data, and simplified our ability to meet our tax and compliance requirements."

"Providing this level of value is a fundamental reason why ADP drives innovation into its solutions," said Dave Imbrogno, ADP President of National Account Services. "And we're committed to meeting the challenges of growing businesses like SanMar. We're delighted that SanMar recognizes the value that ADP's people and solutions can deliver to its employees, and proud that ADP can contribute to its business efficiency and success."

Despite the race-to-the-finish-line nature of its solutions upgrade, SanMar's initiative to implement a new HR and payroll platform started out relatively routinely.

"We started the search for a new solution because the current in-house payroll system wasn't going to meet our needs based on the pace of our growth," Rask explained. "Our HR systems were almost all paper-based and our payroll system had minimal HR functionality. It wasn't equipped or designed to share information and it pushed a lot of paper into the payroll group, which stretched the limits of the organization's ability to process it. For example, Form W-2 processing was an extreme challenge and only getting worse, and the cycle time to process payroll was becoming harder due to the number of employees we were supporting."

SanMar had been using an in-house system since 1998 and needed a solution that employed advanced technology. As they implemented the ADP solution, they discovered functionality that dramatically changed the company's approach to HR and payroll.

"Employees in our payroll organization can now complete formerly paper-laden tasks more quickly and spend more time being strategic," explained Rask. "And ADP's tax compliance solution gives us a system that's built for every state, making us more confident that things are being filed correctly and in a timely manner."

Complying with requirements of the Affordable Care Act also weighed heavily on leaders' minds at SanMar.
"By implementing an ACA compliance solution, we're looking forward to an incredible benefit," Rask said. "We were anticipating a significant impact on our internal processes to meet that need. Instead, we're much more equipped to work through those compliance challenges in the years ahead. We chose ADP because we believe they're very knowledgeable about this area and can help us remain compliant.

"When we were beginning our search, we surveyed the HCM landscape for a top-tier solution provider," Rask continued. "When we made our decision, we felt confident we were selecting a proven set of solutions from a proven provider. We had a very tight timeline, but we felt ADP demonstrated that they had the knowledge and skill set to accommodate that.

"We especially valued the way the implementation team was structured," he continued. "It felt like subject-matter experts were sitting in the wings ready to help us at a moment's notice. For instance, one member of the team with access to our system was able to quickly and easily extract critical data throughout the process. This was extremely efficient and helped us avoid devoting our own internal resources to it, which likely would have complicated the entire conversion process.

"ADP had expertise in every area we needed, and when we needed them they were available and solving problems," Rask said. "From the sales cycle to the support cycle, our experience was very positive. In fact, we can't think of a single instance in this project where ADP let us down."

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