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New Features and Enhancements to ADP Workforce Now to Help Midsized Businesses Streamline HR

New Features and Enhancements to ADP Workforce Now to Help Midsized Businesses Streamline HR

New Features and Enhancements to ADP Workforce Now to Help Midsized Businesses Streamline HR : New Features and Enhancements to ADP Workforce Now will help midsized companies tackle recruiting challenges, quickly get new hires onboarded and more easily meet the reporting needs of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). 2015 marks the first year that employers with 50 or more full-time-equivalent employees are required to record information on health coverage under provisions of the ACA so that they can report on this information in 2016. ADP Workforce Now is making ACA compliance easier by capturing the necessary HR, payroll, benefits, time and talent information all in a single solution. Other new features allow employers to streamline employee requests for time off, leverage social media in recruiting and hiring, quickly pay new talent, and offer employees a consumer-like experience for comparing benefits selections and enrolling in benefits.

"Our goal at ADP has always been to give companies the tools they need to be compliant, build better workforces and drive business success," said Anish Rajparia, president of Major Account Services at ADP. "We believe the latest release of ADP Workforce Now reaffirms this. With new, easy-to-use templates and technology, our clients can work more efficiently, be better prepared for growth and get improved insight into their data."

Today's announcement illustrates ADP's commitment to and investment in enriching the user experience for all of its clients and reinforces ADP's focus on helping its clients build better workforces. As companies grow beyond the startup phase, ADP Workforce Now can scale with them, giving them the tools they need to help grow their bottom line.

The latest release is a result of feedback from the market as well as several focus groups consisting of current users of ADP Workforce Now who helped shape the new enhancements.

One client who has been using the new version of ADP Workforce Now is Young Supply Co. a provider of heating, air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration equipment.

"It's apparent that ADP understands that simplicity is key when it comes to using HR systems," said Amanda Cornett, from Young Supply. "This new version has a modernized look and is more streamlined, making it easier to navigate. It's truly user-friendly and comparable to much of the technology I use on a daily basis. I also really like how customizable the software is so I can tailor it to exactly what my company needs."

ADP Workforce Now Key Enhancements Include:

New user experience. The complete redesign makes it easier for users to locate the functions they need and accomplish tasks more efficiently. Enhanced features include a new interactive pay experience, allowing employees to view how their pay is impacted by deductions, and an intuitive team calendar allowing managers to view shift coverage, process time off requests and integrate with the calendar in Microsoft Outlook.

Effortless compliance with the Affordable Care Act. If ACA compliance is a concern, the new platform is built on a single database to capture all of the HR, time,payroll and benefits data necessary to help employers stay informed about their employee population, their benefits eligibility and the affordability of benefit offerings. ADP can also take care of creating and distributing ACA annual reports to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service and to employees.

Easier recruiting and faster hiring. With new features including intuitive dashboards, a career center and quick hire, it is easier to make the right hiring decisions and extend a company's brand. The redesigned recruitment module helps HR professionals keep track of the status of applicants, while quick hire helps speed onboarding by ensuring all the relevant applicant data is captured and easily transferred to payroll.

Simpler benefits enrollment. By offering a "consumer grade" experience similar to online shopping, employees are now able to evaluate and compare benefit plan coverages and costs and make the best benefit decisions that are vital to their families' well-being without substantial training.


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