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EMC with New ADP Benefits User Experience

EMC with New ADP Benefits User Experience

EMC Corporation long known as an IT powerhouse that transforms the operations of global enterprises, is using the ADP new benefits user interface to significantly improve the open-enrollment experience for EMC's U.S. workforce. In order to deliver this, the two companies collaborated on the development of EMC's benefits user interface, using both ADP's next-generation user experience and its application programming interfaces (APIs).

This joint, innovative approach to delivering human resources solutions is indicative of the relationship the companies have forged for more than two decades. In fact, it resulted in rave reviews from EMC employees about the improvements to the company's recent open-enrollment process, particularly related to accessibility from mobile devices.

"This year's user experience surpassed employees' expectations," said Kevin Close, senior vice president of EMC's Global Compensation and Benefits. "They said it allowed them to complete the enrollment process efficiently, in one 10-minute visit. Our employees also liked the new contemporary, consumer-grade look and feel of the environment. Our new benefits solution from ADP meets employees where they want to be met -- in the office, on the network, at home or on the road."

Seeing substantial value like this is precisely why ADP continues to drive innovation, said Mark Benjamin, president of the Global Enterprise Solutions business at ADP.

"When we reimagined our user experience, our goal was to make benefits enrollment as easy as sending flowers to a close friend," Benjamin explained. "We know that for many families, benefits selection is a critical financial decision. We felt there had to be a better way to help employees make the best choice for themselves and their families. We analyzed where people struggled, and what they needed. Then, through the application of user experience design we transformed the enrollment experience to be simple and fun to use.

"Our development efforts were influenced by talking to clients like EMC," Benjamin continued. "In their case, we didn't stop at designing a better user experience for them, we worked with them to use our APIs to better integrate with their IT systems."

Not only did EMC employees save time, but the improvements also significantly reduced the number of calls to its help center.

"Together, EMC and ADP delivered on a shared commitment to drive innovation in our businesses and our strategic partnership," Close explained. "We were able to demonstrate that with EMC's 2016 open enrollment process.

"The level of collaboration during development and deployment was incredibly important to the end result," he continued. "Access to ADP's APIs allowed us to participate in and influence design. ADP also worked with our network of vendors to facilitate development of a single sign-on process that compressed three steps into one. The end result was excellent. What had previously appeared to our employees as three separate environments became a single, seamless experience."

Upgrading its benefits user experience was a natural next step for EMC. While the company already used ADP's outsourcing services in North America, as well as ADP's global payroll solution to serve employees in more than 45 countries, it was the most recent opportunity to collaborate on, jointly innovate, and influence its benefits solution that led to the new initiative.

"EMC's strategic relationship with ADP has continually delivered significant value to our employees," Close continued. "The two-way nature of the relationship continues to drive innovation that benefits both businesses. By opening its development ecosystem, ADP has enabled EMC to leverage the best available technology to provide employees with a world-class enrollment experience."

"We're delighted that EMC recognizes the value that ADP's people and solutions can deliver to its employees, and look forward to continuing a productive, innovative, and strategic relationship," ADP's Benjamin said. "ADP is proud of the longstanding strategic partnership we've built with a global IT leader like EMC."

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