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Top 23 Enterprise Search Engine Servers

Top 23 Enterprise Search Engine Servers

Top 23 Enterprise Search Engine Servers
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Top 23 Enterprise Search Engine Servers : Enterprise Search is the search information within an enterprise, searching of content from multiple enterprise-type sources, such as databases and intranets. These search systems index data and documents from a variety of sources including file systems, intranets, document management systems, e-mail, and databases. Enterprise search systems also integrate structured and unstructured data in their collections and also use access controls to enforce a security policy on their users.

Best Enterprise Search Engine Servers Proprietary : Algolia, Amazon CloudSearch, Apache Solr, Crate, Elasticsearch, Google Search Appliance, Indica Enterprise Search, Microsoft Azure Search, SearchBlox, Sphinx Search server, Splunk Enterprise, SRCH2 are some of the best enterprise search servers in alphabetical order.

Top Open Source Big data Enterprise Search Software : Apache Solr, Apache Lucene Core, Elasticsearch, Sphinx, Constellio, DataparkSearch Engine ApexKB, Searchdaimon ES, mnoGoSearch, Nutch, Xapian are some of the Top Open Source Big data Enterprise Search Software.

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Best Enterprise Search Engine Servers

Algolia, Amazon CloudSearch, Apache Solr, Crate, Elasticsearch, Google Search Appliance, Indica Enterprise Search, Microsoft Azure Search, SearchBlox, Sphinx Search server, Splunk Enterprise, SRCH2



Algolia is a hosted full-text, numerical, and defined search engine capable of delivering realtime results from the first tap. Built with developers in mind, Algolia’s strong API lets quickly and seamlessly implement realtime search within websites and mobile applications.Algolia, examines all words within full-text fields in order to find the most relevant records. This capability lets Algolia to quickly search and return records from large volumes of data. Algolia search is based on a tie-breaking based ranking algorithm , which allows to blend business metrics to the relevance calculation. Algolia’s typo tolerance algorithms ( in case of misspelled words) will…



Amazon CloudSearch

Amazon CloudSearch is a managed service in the AWS Cloud that makes it simple to set up, manage, and scale a search solution for website or application.Amazon CloudSearch supports 34 languages and popular search features such as highlighting, autocomplete, and geospatial search. With Amazon CloudSearch, users can quickly add rich search capabilities their’s website or application. With a few clicks in the AWS Management Console, they can create a search domain and upload the data that they want to make searchable, and Amazon CloudSearch will automatically provision the required resources and deploy search index. Users can easily change their search…

Amazon CloudSearch


Apache Solr

Solr is a popular, blazingly fast, open source enterprise search platform. Solr offer highly reliable, scalable, error free, distributed indexing, replication and load-balanced querying, automated failover and recovery, centralized configuration and further genuinely creative features. Many of the world's largest internet sites have their searches powered up and navigated through the tools and techniques of Solr. Its advanced full-text search capabilities can be guessed from the fact that Solr enables powerful matching capabilities including phrases, wildcards, joins, grouping and much more across any data type. Optimized for massive volume traffic, Solr is proven at extremely large scales world-wide. Standarized on…

Apache Solr



Crate is an open source, highly scalable distributed SQL database. Crate offers the scalability and performance of a modern No-SQL database with the strenght of Standard SQL. Crate’s distributed SQL query engine lets using the same syntax that already exists in applications or integrations, and have queries seamlessly executed across the crate bunch, incorporating any aggregations, if needed. Enterprises and startups have deployed Crate clusters to power real time analytics, real time dashboards (network traffic, security events), IoT-backends (sensor data, telemetry data), ad-tech (web traffic), telecom apps (call logs, CDRs) and user-facing Web and Mobile apps.Crate is designed to support…




Elasticsearch is a distributed, open source search and analytics engine, designed for horizontal scalability, reliability, and easy management. It combines the speed of search with the power of analytics via a sophisticated, developer-friendly query language covering structured, unstructured, and time-series data. Elasticsearch lets users search and quickly analyze data in real time, with just a few clicks. Distributed, scalable, and highly available, it offers users real-time search and analytics capabilities, alongside sophisticated RESTful API. Data moves fast, and it can be time-consuming to view it piece by piece and digit by digit. With the help of Elasticsearch, view the data…



Google Search Appliance

Google behavior Search Appliance (GSA) combines the search knowledge of Google with features that meet today’s business requirements.GSA sorts searched results by author, price, date or any other attribute. Users can quickly skim through a large amount of results to find what they need. If users don’t know the exact spelling or want to search for similar terms at once, they can type a few letters and a wildcard character (? or *). GSA fills in the blanks. GSA automatically suggests the most common spellings for words. It automatically expands queries to include synonyms, showing results that are more relevant.GSA…

Google Search Appliance


Indica Enterprise Search

Indica Search is the product that makes order and structure within the large amounts of data and information whithin users organization. This might consist of users website, all their internal data, e-mails and databases; data and files are easily found and accessible once more.By incorporating the specific data structure and combining it with all of the company’s data, Indica provides modules based on new technologies that enable users to find all corporate data and information. Indica indexes corporate data and enriches it with company specific structure and database information, add file archives, email, CRM, ERP, to the source. Also automatically…

Indica Enterprise Search


Microsoft Azure Search

Azure Search is a search-as-a-service solution that lets developers to incorporate a sophisticated search experience into web and mobile applications any worry about the complexities of full-text search and without having to deploy, maintain or manage any infrastructure.Powerful queries offers logical operators, phrase search operators, suffix operators, precedence operators. Azure Search also supports custom lexical analyzers to allow application to handle complex search queries using phonetic complementing and regular expressions. Language support is included for 56 different languages. Azure Search can analyze text in application's search box to intelligently deal with language-specific linguistics some of which are verb tenses, gender,…

Microsoft Azure Search



SearchBlox is an enterprise search, sentiment examination and text analytics platform for websites, intranets, file folders, databases and social content.Integrates multiple websites with a single search box and provides federated search to find the correct information.Setting up a collection also allows you to search product catalog available in a database or a CSV/Excel file. It filters on brand names, size, color, pricing and availability, or custom fields. Products are recommended based on your customers’ shopping patterns. Help intranet users find the information they require from shared drives, databases, wikis, and custom applications. SearchBlox adds federated, faceted search to find this…



Sphinx Search server

Sphinx is an open source full text search server, made from the ground up with performance, relevance (aka quality of search), and integration simplicity in mind. It's written in C++ and works on Linux (RedHat, Ubuntu, etc), Windows, MacOS, Solaris, FreeBSD, and some other systems.Sphinx lets you either batch index and search data stored in an SQL database, NoSQL storage, or just files quickly and easily — or index and search data on the fly, working with Sphinx very much like with a database server. A variety of text processing features enable fine-tuning Sphinx for your particular application requirements, and…

Sphinx Search server


Splunk Enterprise

Splunk Enterprise helps you gain valuable Operational Intelligence from your machine generated data. And with a full range of powerful search, visualization and pre-packaged content for use-cases, any user can quickly discover and share insights. Just point your raw data at Splunk Enterprise and start analyzing your world. Splunk User Behavior Analytics is an out-of-the-box solution that helps organizations find known, unknown, and hidden threats using data science, machine learning, behavior baseline, peer group analytics and advanced correlation. It presents results with risk ratings and supporting evidence so that an analyst and a hunter can quickly respond and take actions.…

Splunk Enterprise



SRCH2 is a search engine specifically made for fast instant search or search as you type. It also supports on-the-fly error correction (fuzzy search). Made from scratch in C++, it delivers high performance and rich features. SRCH2 utilizes many algorithmic and design innovations to take “Google Instant” experiences to your applications. The engine runs servers as well as mobile devices.SRCH2 is particularly optimized to support instant search for enterprises, even without query log. Compared to existing answers, SRCH2 not only provides a higher speed for queries with prefix conditions, but also allows customizable ranking for those queries. SRCH2 uses in-memory…


Open Source Big data Enterprise Search Software

Apache Solr, Apache Lucene Core, Elasticsearch, Sphinx, Constellio, DataparkSearch Engine ApexKB, Searchdaimon ES, mnoGoSearch, Nutch, Xapian

1. Apache Solr

Solr is an open source enterprise search platform from the Apache Lucene project. Solr features include powerful full text search, hit highlighting, faceted search, near real-time indexing, dynamic clustering, database integration, rich document handling, and geospatial search.

Solr is written in Java. Solr runs as a standalone full text search server. Solr uses the Lucene Java search library at its core for full-text indexing and search. Solr has REST like HTTP/XML and JSON APIs that make it easy to use from virtually any programming language. Solr provides distributed indexing, replication and load-balanced querying, automated failover and recovery, centralized configuration.


2. Apache Lucene Core

Apache Lucene Core is a text search engine library written entirely in Java. Apache Lucene is an open source project available for free download. Some of the features include ranked searching, powerful query types such as phrase queries, wildcard queries, proximity queries, range queries, fielded searching such as title, author, contents, fast, memory-efficient and typo-tolerant suggesters. It is a technology suitable for nearly any application that requires full text search, especially cross platform.

Lucene Core

3. Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch is a flexible and powerful open source, distributed, real-time search and analytics engine. Elasticsearch uses Lucene internally to build its state of the art distributed search and analytics capabilities. Elasticsearch clusters are resilient and they will detect and remove failed nodes, and reorganize themselves to ensure that the data is safe and accessible. Elasticsearch through its robust set of APIs and query DSLs, delivers on the near limitless promises of search technology.


4. Sphinx

Sphinx is an open source Full text search engine which provides full text search functionality to client applications. Sphinx can be used as a stand alone server, which can be used to communicate with other DBMS's by using native protocols of MySQL, MariaDB and PostgreSQL, or by using ODBC. Sphinx can also be used as a storage engine for MySQL and its forks. The major features include Batch and incremental (soft real time) full text indexing, support for non-text attributes (scalars, strings, sets, JSON), direct indexing of SQL databases, XML documents indexing support, distributed searching support out of the box and full text searching syntax.


5. Constellio

Constellio is an enterprise search engine that allows companies to search and find all their organization's information through a single interface. Constellio major features include federated search of all data of the organization, discovery tool (faceted search), automatic categorization of content (with Carrot 2), Search Engine collaborative (wiki caps) and management of the order of appearance results with the links referenced.


6. DataparkSearch Engine

DataparkSearch Engine is an open sources web based search engine designed to organize search within a website, group of websites, intranet or local system. Key features include support for http, https, ftp, nntp and news URL schemes, htdb virtual URL scheme for indexing SQL databases, indexes text/html, text/xml, text/plain, audio/mpeg (mp3) and image/gif mime types natively, external parsers support for other document type, index multilingual sites using content negotiation etc.

DataparkSearch Engine

7. ApexKB

ApexKB is an open source web application script for collaborative search and knowledge management powered by a shared enterprise bookmarking engine that is a fork of KnowledgebasePublisher.


8. Searchdaimon ES

Searchdaimon ES is an open source enterprise search engine for full text search of structured and unstructured data. Major features include hit highlighting, faceted search, dynamic clustering, database integration, rich document (e.g., Word, PDF) handling and full document level security.

Searchdaimon ES

9. mnoGoSearch

mnoGoSearch is an open source search engine for Unix like computer systems written in C.


10. Nutch

Nutch open source web search engine based on Lucene and Java for the search and index component.


11. Xapian

Xapian is an open source search engine Library, released under the GPL. It's written in C++, with bindings to allow use from Perl, Python, PHP, Java, Tcl, C#, Ruby, Lua, Erlang and Node.js


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  • DamianD
    November 20, 2014 at 3:34 pm

    I really like this article. I can really recommend Solr! But it need some work to get this tools going. If you need a fix enterprise search tool you could try out Lookeen. It is really nice tool. If you want more information visit

    Followup: I’m a part of the company that developed Lookeen.

  • Milo McLean
    March 30, 2016 at 10:19 am

    Any survey of open source search tools that fails to mention Solr is clearly a list put together by someone with no clue about real-world search. And when that same article includes what is essentially a crawler or spider, Nutch, as search platform, proves the point. And I’ll point out that while Elasticsearch *is* open source, much of the rest of its support software is not. And it’s an odd sort of open source: the only committers are employees of one company.. Solr, and most of the other open source projects -certainly all of Apache – anyone who wants to work hard and contribute and fix bugs can become a committer without giving up his/her day job. Not the case with all.

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