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April 11, 2017


Kajona is a content management framework released under an open source license. By default the framework is bundled as a web content management framework with a comprehensive set of modules and features, providing a strict separation of layout and content. Kajona is split into two main subsystems: The backend, used to administrate and maintain the website and the portal, rendering all contents created and maintained by the backend. The content and the portal are glued by templates, controlling the behavior and the layout of your template. The framework to build and manage websites in no time. Install the system within a few minutes, choose one of the many [...]

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November 12, 2016

IBM Web Content Manager

IBM Web Content Manager is a flexible and user friendly web content management system .IBM web content is use to manage large, dynamic collection of web content materials like text, images, audio/video, files and other HTML content materials. IBM Web Content Manager pioneers in providing simple user interface, simplified content authoring, re-usable workflow and native support to personalization .To start working on IBM Web Content Manager first create content library from the portal administration after that create a workflow , To create a workflow first create workflow action these workflows are used to take action such as publish content as soon they [...]

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November 12, 2016

eZ Systems

eZ Systems is a global content management platform provider that is dedicated to helping businesses maximize the value of their content and deliver digital experiences that foster growth. Our software eZ Platform and eZ Enterprise helps developers, editors and marketers create content-rich websites and web applications—from brand sites, e-commerce and native apps to intranets, web portals and the Internet of Things. eZ Systems is a smart content management system for creating customer experience. eZ systems technology gives such a kind of tools to maintain long lasting customer relationship across media channels such as websites, mobile, social media etc. [...]

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November 12, 2016

Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint empower individuals, teams and organizations to intelligently discover, share, and collaborate on content from anywhere and on any device. Microsoft SharePoint provide simple and powerful file sharing on any device. Simply store, sync, and share, and easily collaborate on files with Office Online integration.Microsoft Sharepoint helps in building team websites that are primarily mini intranets. a range of free on-line apps are out there to feature onto the account and overlay SharePoint on-line. a corporation can bundle Microsoft SharePoint on-line with the aforesaid Microsoft office 365 for Enterprise E3, that adds on-line and [...]

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November 12, 2016

Oracle WebCenter Sites

Oracle WebCenter Sites enables marketers and business users to easily create and manage contextually relevant social and interactive online experiences across multiple channels on a global scale to drive sales and loyalty. Its interfaces allow drag-and-drop content authoring and layout capabilities designed for the non-technical user. They also allow administrators to manage their web presence while remaining seamlessly connected to each other. The software features a targeting functionality that focuses on specific customer segments with relevant recommendations and promotions. It also enables marketers to create and manage targeted campaigns with simple [...]

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November 12, 2016


SDL Web 8 (formerly Tridion) is a leading Web Content Management solution that enables businesses to handle the complexity of maintaining web and digital experiences for an unlimited amount of global websites with its unparalleled BluePrinting technology. It gives marketing users the tools to author, collaborate and publish web content and assets within a centralized platform that is administered by IT resources. The software enables administrators and marketers to directly view and edit content within the context of a device, before publishing. They can also quickly and easily test, optimize and personalize content across mobile devices and tablets [...]

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November 12, 2016


Sitecore is the global leader in experience management software that enables context marketing. The Sitecore Experience Platform manages content, supplies contextual intelligence, and automates communications, at scale. It empowers marketers to deliver content in context of how customers have engaged with their brand, across every channel, in real time. The web content management (WCM) system was built from the ground up as an integrated platform to support global, multilingual content at scale and provide the flexibility that enterprises demand.  Sitecore is a Web Content Management solution developer that enables organizations to market in context of [...]

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November 12, 2016


Squiz is a software developer that enables its users to build amazing customer experiences with CMS, CRM, Marketing Automation, Search and Innovation technology. One of its key products is Squiz Matrix, an enterprise-class CMS. Matrix’s content editing interface allows copying and pasting from Word or Google Docs as well as drag-and-drop. The CMS also comes with inbuilt integration to Google Analytics and editors can always get up to date stats and reports to understand how visitors interact with their pages. Traffic, content, audience, and goal report data is directly visible on the editing screen of any page. Matrix can integrate with any popular [...]

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