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Qlik provides compatibility and common data models across Qlik products

Qlik provides compatibility and common data models across Qlik products

QlikView product line, version 12 strengthens Qlik’s unique platform approach to visual analytics by bringing QlikView onto the same modern QIX Associative Data Indexing Engine (QIX) that powers Qlik Sense. By having Qlik’s complete product portfolio on the same engine, Qlik delivers greater compatibility between its products, and ensures that future investments made in the QIX engine for performance, security, and connectivity will benefit both QlikView and Qlik Sense customers.

“It’s terrific to see the enthusiasm QlikView customers have for this release,” says Anthony Deighton, CTO and Senior Vice President of Products at Qlik. “When we came out with our modern self-service Qlik Sense offering, our customers were clear that they wanted a future with Qlik that helps them address a growing demand for an increasingly diverse range of analytics needs in their organizations. QlikView 12 helps them to solidify their future with Qlik on a common engine, with common data models, so they can keep the associative search experience they love so much on whichever Qlik product that is right for them.”

Key features of QlikView 12 include:

Next-generation QIX engine: QlikView 12 now runs on the second-generation QIX engine that powers Qlik Sense. QlikView customers will benefit from the performance improvements delivered via a seamless upgrade through the updated QIX engine, and are able to more easily share data models between Qlik Sense and QlikView.

Security enhancements: QlikView 12 boosts stronger encryption and improved encryption handling, with the ability to meet the highest level of security requirements for the most demanding companies and government and military organizations. Centralized client request handling and XML parsing are enhanced to evolve with security best practices and cryptographic standards.

Powerful mobile experience and true device independence: Now all functions available in the QlikView web client are accessible on touch devices without limitations, including exploration, collaboration, and creation capabilities. In addition, on hybrid devices, users can now switch between using a mouse, pen, and touch without having to refresh applications manually.

Improved clustering: QlikView 12 now offers improved scalability supporting more nodes in a QlikView Server cluster. The result is significant performance improvements for organizations supporting high numbers of users in multi-node environments.

Native connection to Web services: A new RESTful API connector improves compatibility with social media sites (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn), CMS systems (Alfresco, Documentum, Adobe), and other online services. There is no longer a need for a third-party vendor or extensions to support this type of connectivity.

Free and subscription-based data-as-a-service: The on-demand availability of normalized data sources that users can quickly pull in for added insights are key to more informed decisions to drive competitive advantage. With Qlik DataMarket users can access a comprehensive library of external data directly within QlikView 12 to allow users to augment and cross reference their internal data to gain context and drive deeper insights. No other vendor in the business intelligence market delivers this type of data library that encompasses both free and paid data sources available via cloud-based data services.

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