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MicroStrategy for Enterprise Data Discovery, Analytics, and Mobile

MicroStrategy for Enterprise Data Discovery, Analytics, and Mobile

MicroStrategy for Enterprise Data Discovery, Analytics, and Mobile : MicroStrategy 10.1 release includes hundreds of new and improved features and a wide range of performance enhancements across the product platform. Further extending the self-service capabilities of MicroStrategy 10 Secure Enterprise, MicroStrategy Desktop 10.1 and MicroStrategy Web 10.1 add new enhancements for enterprise data discovery users, enabling data preparation and data wrangling across more data sources, while delivering a clean, new look with modern grid styles, navigation, and consolidated views and search. Other highlights include new capabilities for D3 visualizations, ESRI geospatial visualizations, and iOS 9 within MicroStrategy Mobile and custom Mobile Productivity Apps. The 10.1 release comes shortly after the major release of MicroStrategy 10 Secure Enterprise, a groundbreaking enterprise analytics solution that combines traditional business intelligence functionality with data discovery, mobile analytics, and powerful enterprise security. MicroStrategy 10.1 builds on the version 10 foundation with a significant collection of new capabilities in speed, flexibility, and performance.

"Our customer focus has guided the development of MicroStrategy 10.1, helping to ensure that we continue to bring cutting-edge technology to the market," said Paul Zolfaghari, President, MicroStrategy Incorporated. "Our new agile engineering development methods are resulting in new features and enhancements being rolled out to our global customer base on a more frequent basis. We are confident that 10.1 delivers an even higher level of analytics value for organizations and institutions around the world."

MicroStrategy 10.1 provides a number of key improvements, including Extended support for data preparation and blending, Presentation and editable mode, Use existing ad hoc reports in Desktop, Previews and search, Enhanced native Big Data connectivity, Significant performance improvements for both users and administrators, Expanded mobile support, Improved Teradata access, and Hundreds of additional enhancements.

Data preparation and data wrangling is now supported across all Big Data, cloud, ODBC, social, BI, and local data sources. These powerful data preparation capabilities enable any business user to prepare data directly in the MicroStrategy Desktop or Web product, avoiding the need for IT involvement or the use of third-party ETL tools.
MicroStrategy 10.1 consolidates the previous range of views options into two powerful modes: a brand new presentation mode and an editable mode. New and old users will find it even easier to analyze and present their insights with these new display options.

In addition to using existing server-based dashboards and intelligent cubes, MicroStrategy Desktop now supports the use of existing ad-hoc reports. Business users can access and interact with server-based reports directly in Desktop, or use the reports as datasets to perform data discovery analysis.

As part of the new homepage experience, users can now preview what their recently accessed reports and dashboards will look like before executing a query. In addition, users now have a single, consolidated search experience, making it easier to find objects quickly using a powerful search index of all project reports and dashboards.

MicroStrategy 10.1 optimizes native connectivity to Hadoop with support for Kerberose authentication for Hadoop Gateway, a new Hadoop Gateway monitor, and enhanced performance while accessing data directly from Hadoop clusters. As a result of the optimizations on the MicroStrategy Hadoop Gateway, MicroStrategy Big Data users can now expect up to a 60% faster response time for cube publishing.

MicroStrategy 10.1 builds on the significant performance gains in MicroStrategy 10, delivering up to 2X query improvements when running a dashboard using cube live connect, 30% faster performance against partitioned cubes, 85% faster count distinct response times, nearly 2X faster count against attributes, and 41% faster incremental refresh (and up to an additional 71% increase in speed when partition is used) in internal testing. MicroStrategy 10.1 also reduces the load time of MicroStrategy Intelligence Server™ by up to 64% with parallel cube loading.

MicroStrategy Mobile apps now offer support for iOS 9, as well as rendering of D3 Visualizations, ESRI Maps, and all out-of-the-box visualizations and data discovery dashboards built in MicroStrategy Desktop and MicroStrategy Web. MicroStrategy now offers support for high speed data transfer from Teradata with TPTAPI, accelerating the process of publishing large cubes. This new feature allows large volumes of data to be transferred quickly and in parallel from Teradata databases, enabling users to update in-memory cubes faster and with greater frequency.

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