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Top 25 Graph Databases

Top 25 Graph Databases

Top 25 Graph Databases 4.70/5 (93.91%) 23 ratings

Top 25 Graph Databases : A graph database is based on graph theory, uses nodes, properties, and edges and provides index-free adjacency. These database uses graph structures with nodes, edges, and properties to represent and store data. Every element contains a direct pointer to its adjacent elements and no index lookups are necessary in a graph database. Neo4j, AllegroGraph, Oracle Spatial and Graph, Teradata Aster, ArangoDB, Graphbase, InfiniteGraph, Bitsy, Horton, HyperGraphDB, DEX/Sparksee, Titan. VelocityGraph, VertexDB, InfoGrid, Oracle NoSQL Database, OrientDB, Blazegraph, Cayley, Weaver, Stardog, Sqrrl Enterprise, GraphDB, MapGraph and IBM System G Native Store are some of the top graph databases in no particular order.

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Top Graph Database

Top Graph Database

Top 25 Graph Databases


Neo4j is an open-source graph database, implemented in Java. This is an embedded, disk-based, fully transactional Java persistence engine that stores data structured in graphs rather than in tables.





AllegroGraph is a modern, high-performance, persistent graph database. AllegroGraph uses efficient memory utilization in combination with disk-based storage, enabling it to scale to billions of quads while maintaining superior performance. AllegroGraph supports SPARQL, RDFS++, and Prolog reasoning from numerous client applications. AllegroGraph is designed to store RDF triples, a standard format for Linked Data. A custom browser, Gruff, is available for viewing the graph.




3.Oracle Spatial and Graph

Oracle Spatial and Graph supports a full range of geospatial data and analytics for land management and GIS, mobile location services, sales territory management, transportation, LiDAR analysis and location-enabled Business Intelligence. The graph features include RDF graphs for applications ranging from semantic data integration to social network analysis to linked open data and network graphs used in transportation, utilities, energy and telcos and drive-time analysis for sales and marketing applications.

Oracle Spatial and Graph

Oracle Spatial and Graph

Oracle Spatial and Graph

4. Teradata Aster

A high performance, multi-purpose, highly scalable and extensible MPP database incorporating patented engines supporting native SQL, MapReduce and Graph data storage and manipulation. An extensive set of analytical function libraries and data visualization capabilities are also provided.

Teradata Aster

Teradata Aster

Teradata Aster

5. ArangoDB

ArangoDB is a distributed open-source database with a flexible data model for documents, graphs, and key values. Build high performance applications using a convenient sql-like query language or JavaScript extensions.




6. Graphbase

Graphbase is a customizable, distributed, small-footprint graph store with a rich tool set.


7. InfiniteGraph

InfiniteGraph is a distributed and cloud-enabled commercial product with flexible licensing.


8. Bitsy

Bitsy is a small, fast, embeddable, durable in-memory graph database that implements the Blueprints API.



Horton is a research project in the eXtreme Computing Group to enable querying large distributed graphs. It consists of a graph library built on top on Orleans that targets hosting large graphs in a data center. The library provides a querying interface to search the graph for matching paths.



HyperGraphDB is an open source data storage mechanism based on directed hypergraphs. This can be used as an embedded object-oriented database for Java projects of all sizes or a graph database or a (non-SQL) relational database.


11. DEX/Sparksee

DEX/Sparksee[ is a high performance and scalable graph database management system . The main characteristics is its query performance for the retrieval & exploration of large networks. Sparksee 5 mobile is the first graph database for mobile devices.



Titan is a scalable graph database optimized for storing and querying graphs containing hundreds of billions of vertices and edges distributed across a multi-machine cluster.


13. VelocityGraph

VelocityGraph is an open source C# .NET hybrid NoSQL Graph Database and Object Database that can be Embedded/Distributed.


14. VertexDB

VertexDB is a high performance graph database server that supports automatic garbage collection.



InfoGrid is a Web Graph Database with a many additional software components that make the development of REST-ful web applications on a graph foundation easy. InfoGrid is open source, and is being developed in Java as a set of projects.


16. Oracle NoSQL Database

RDF Graph for Oracle NoSQL Database is a feature of Enterprise Edition providing W3C RDF graph capabilities in NoSQL Database.

Oracle NoSQL Database

17. OrientDB

OrientDB is a 2nd Generation Distributed Graph Database with the flexibility of Documents in one product with an Open Source commercial friendly license. OrientDB is  fast and can store 220,000 records per second on common hardware.



Blazegraph is specifically designed to support big graphs offering both Semantic Web (RDF/SPARQL) and Graph Database (tinkerpop, blueprints, vertex-centric) APIs. It features robust, scalable, fault-tolerant, enterprise-class storage and query and high-availability with online backup, failover and self-healing.


Cayley is an open-source graph inspired by the graph database behind Freebase and Google’s Knowledge Graph.


Weaver is a distributed graph store that provides horizontal scalability, high-performance, and strong consistency. Weaver enables users to execute transactional graph updates and queries through a simple python API


Stardog is a semantic graph database, implemented in Java. It provides support for RDF and all OWL 2 profiles providing extensive reasoning capabilities[1][2] and uses SPARQL as a query language

22.Sqrrl Enterprise

Sqrrl Enterprise enables organizations to ingest, secure, connect, and analyze massive amounts of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. Sqrrl Enterprise stack is a graph-oriented database, layered on top of Apache Hadoop.
Sqrrl Enterprise


GraphDB is a leading RDF Triplestore and graph database, that can perform semantic inferencing at scale allowing users to create new semantic facts from existing facts. GraphDB handles massive loads, queries and inferencing in real time.




MapGraph is Massively Parallel Graph processing on GPUs. The MapGraph API makes it easy to develop high performance graph analytics on GPUs.

25.IBM System G Native Store

IBM System G Native Store provides an efficient graph data store solution that can handle various graphs, property graphs, and RDF-like graphs, in terms of storage, analytics, and visualization.
IBM System G Native Store

IBM System G Native Store

IBM System G Native Store

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