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Top 10 Supply Chain Network Design Software

Top 10 Supply Chain Network Design Software

Top 10 Supply Chain Network Design Software
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Supply Chain Network can be looked as a dynamic ecosystem of various business partners focused on achieving customer satisfaction while achieving maximum profitability. Supply Chain Networks are multi-channel and multi-tier and are demand and customor driven.

In the Supply Chain Network each partner focuses on their own core competence. These networks are characterized by very short product lifecycles where every product and services for each customer are configurable and customizable. Supply Chain Network Design is an essential constituent of the supply chain planning process.

Top 10 Supply Chain Network Design Software

Supply Chain Network Design Software delivers functionality to model different tiers of the supply chain network in supply chain management process. JDA Network Design, SAP APO Supply Chain Engineer, Infor Network Design, Oracle E-Business Suite Supply Chain Management, OMP Plus Supply Chain Network Design, Kinaxis RapidResponse, Quintiq Supply Chain Designer, Demand Solutions DSX platform, Llamasoft Supply Network Design are some of the Supply Chain Network Design Software in no particular order.

1.JDA Network Design

JDA Network design can be used to model the entire supply chain from raw materials to finished products and delivery. This will improve strategic and tactical decision making with visibility into network design, sourcing and capacity and enable to compare the relative value of scenarios from either a cost or profit perspective.


2.SAP APO Supply Chain Engineer

SAP APO Supply Chain Engineer is a component of SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization which is used to create models. These model acts as the basis for all APO planning functions and covers all areas of the network chain, from the supplier’s supplier to the customer’s customer . Supply Chain Engineer creates and maintain network models of supply chains. The network model represents a specific supply chain and consists of various nodes and links.

SAP APO Supply Chain Engineer

3.Infor Network Design

Infor Network Design helps in long-term supply chain strategy by delivering solutions to determine the optimal facility location and capacity requirements enabling to determine where and when to make, buy, store, and move product through your network to customers. This helps to evaluate different transportation and inventory strategies and elect the best vendors.


4.Oracle E-Business Suite Supply Chain Management

Oracle E-Business Suite Supply Chain Management applications integrates and automates all key supply chain processes, from design, planning and procurement to manufacturing and fulfillment, providing a complete solution set to enable companies to power information-driven value chains.

Oracle E-Business Suite Supply Chain Management

5.OMP Plus Supply Chain Network Design

OMP Plus Supply Chain Network Design manages different strategic supply chain questions by integrating decisions on whether to introduce or discontinue product lines; decisions on the supply chain network structure needed to meet the demand for these product lines; and decisions on the role played by each network node in terms of assigned product lines, supply function and stocking policies.

OM Partner

6.Kinaxis RapidResponse

Kinaxis RapidResponse delivers capabilities for multi-tier demand and supply chain visibility, long-term and short-term demand and supply chain planning, supply chain risk identification and mitigation, what-if analysis and execution and financial and operations performance management.


7.Quintiq Supply Chain Designer

Quintiq Supply Chain Designer enables to model the supply chain with total accuracy. It gives the visibility to understand the impact of every business decision with features for strategic, long-term planning of your supply chain and make informed decisions regarding major activities such as plant or capital investments and divestments, product mix portfolio, inventory and outsourcing, and customer service strategies. Changes on simulation can be done easily and the plan can be optimized in line with the key performance indicators. Scenarios are generated within minutes, facilitating the decision-making process.


8.Demand Solutions DSX platform

Demand Solutions DSX platform provides 360-degree insight for faster, better decision-making. The solution has capabilities to define and create product families, reflecting the dynamic ways your managers across the sales, marketing, production planning, purchasing and finance departments view your business.

Demand Solutions

9.Llamasoft Supply Network Design

Llamasoft solutions deliver end-to-end model from tiers of suppliers to the customer with functionalities for detailed modeling of complex production processes, BOMs, multi-time period capacities. There are comprehensive constraint modeling to accurately represent true behaviour of corporate supply chain and flexible costing model to better represent unique supply chain characteristics. Rich visualization and reporting including interactive flow diagrams, transportation routing.




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