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July 30, 2017


Grapheur is a data mining, modeling, optimization and interactive visualization package which implements the “Learning and Intelligent Optimization” (LION) and LION solver approach. Grapheur offers features such as space, time, color, shapes, blinking, sweeps and synchronization. Grapheur advocates the use of self-tuning schemes acting while a software system is running. Grapheur permits interactive multi-objective optimization with a user interface for visualizing the results and facilitating the solution analysis and decision making process. Grapheur allows problem-specific extensions and is applicable as a post-processing tool for all [...]

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June 16, 2017


Fityk [fi:tik] is a program for data processing and nonlinear curve fitting. It is primarily used by scientists who analyse data from powder diffraction, chromatography, photoluminescence and photoelectron spectroscopy, infrared and Raman spectroscopy, and other experimental techniques and also used to fit peaks – bell-shaped functions (Gaussian, Lorentzian, Voigt, Pearson VII, bifurcated Gaussian, EMG, Doniach-Sunjic, etc.), but it is suitable for fitting any curve to 2D (x,y) data. Fityk has the following features for users; intuitive graphical interface (and also command line interface), support for many data file formats, thanks to the xylib library, [...]

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June 16, 2017

CMSR Data Miner

StarProbe Data Miner or CMSR Data Miner Suite is software which provides an integrated environment for predictive modeling, segmentation, data visualization, statistical data analysis, and rule-based model evaluation. For advanced power users integrated analytics and rule-engine environment is also provided. This software has many features such as: deep learning modeling RME-EP which represents very powerful expert system shell rule engine, supporting predictive modeling such as neural network, self organizing maps, decision tree, regression etc. It has been developed to use SQL-like expressions which users can learn very easily and quickly. Also, RME-EP [...]

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