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July 20, 2016


indico provides developer-friendly tools and APIs that turn raw text and image data into human insight.Sentiment Analysis API takes a sample of text (tweet, article, email, forum post, report, etc) and returns the positivity. For example, the text of a 5 star review is positive, while the text of a 1 star review is negative.Keyword Extraction API parses text to find the most important words that have been used. For example, within the sentence "Boston can get very cold during the winter", this API will tell you that the words "Boston", "cold", and "winter" are the most important words in the sentence.

indico evaluate [...]

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July 20, 2016

Google Cloud Natural Language API

Google Cloud Natural Language API reveals the structure and meaning of text by offering powerful machine learning models in an easy to use REST API. You can use it to extract information about people, places, events and much more, mentioned in text documents, news articles or blog posts. You can use it to understand sentiment about your product on social media or parse intent from customer conversations happening in a call center or a messaging app. You can analyze text uploaded in your request or integrate with your document storage on Google Cloud Storage.

Extract actionable insights on product reception or user [...]

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June 5, 2016


NetOwl offers a suite of best-of-breed text and entity analytics products. NetOwl analyzes Big Data in the form of text data – news, email, web, social media, and any other text document that organizations would like to exploit – as well as structured entity data about people, organizations, places, and things.

NetOwl has a long history of empowering our most demanding customers who have mission-critical requirements to analyze an extremely large volume of data in a variety of forms and languages.

NetOwl TextMiner is a text mining solution that enables users to find, organize, [...]

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June 5, 2016

Language Computer

Language Computer offers a complete line of interoperable natural language processing, semantic search, and knowledge acquisition products.Language Computer's CiceroLite recognizes hundreds of different types of named entities in English, Arabic, and Chinese texts with nearly 90% precision and recall. Language Computer's CiceroCoref increases the utility of entity extraction from natural language texts by identifying multiple references to the same entity, even when different expressions used to refer to the same entity are used.

LCC's Pinpoint temporal and spatial normalization system unlocks value from raw texts by [...]

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June 5, 2016

Rosette, Basis Technology

Rosette brings the power of AI to text analysis components within search, business intelligence, e-discovery, social media, financial compliance, and enterprises. Rosette text analytics uses linguistic analysis, statistical modeling, and machine learning to accurately process unstructured text and names, revealing valuable information and actionable data. Basis Technology provides software solutions for text analytics, information retrieval, digital forensics, and identity resolution in over forty languages. The Rosette linguistics platform is a widely used suite of interoperable components that power search, business intelligence, e discovery, social media monitoring, financial [...]