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Versium Automated Predictive Lead Score Service

Versium Automated Predictive Lead Score Service

Versium, LifeData Predictive Lead Score service self-service solution leverages machine learning and Versium’s proprietary LifeData to help marketers quickly build accurate, customized predictive models, helping them to improve marketing efficiencies and increase conversion rates.

Versium’s service automates the underlying machine learning modeling process, allowing marketing professionals, agencies and application providers to build predictive models for their clients within hours, versus weeks or months, and visualize a marketing campaign’s projected performance. The Predictive Lead Score service is intuitive and easy-to-use, and empowers marketers to build predictive models without requiring data science expertise or experience. Traditional lead score offerings are based on simplistic rules-based models. Versium’s automated Predictive Lead Score service leverages machine learning and big data with the inclusion of thousands of LifeData attributes.

“Machine learning is an evolutionary step from traditional “rules-based” predictive models. By automating this process, we are providing marketing agencies and enterprises a tremendous competitive advantage in the growing field of predictive marketing.” said Chris Matty, founder and CEO of Versium. “Organizations are drowning in data while starving for actionable data intelligence. Our Predictive Lead Score service addresses this pain by delivering accurate predictive intelligence automatically, much faster and at a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions. Most importantly, customers using our Predictive Lead Score are seeing increased conversion rates as high as 900 percent.”

Versium brings intelligence from real world data into its offerings by utilizing the company’s proprietary LifeData®, which is the market’s most comprehensive aggregation of real-life consumer and business behavioral data. Versium’s LifeData warehouse contains more than 1 Trillion consumer and business data attributes sourced from commercial and proprietary means, including online behavioral data, social-graphic details, real-time event-based data, purchase interests, financial information, activities and skills, demographics and much more.

Versium’s Application Partners can integrate the service to score a client’s new leads or prospects, as has Seattle-based Vega Performance Marketing, which has integrated the service into its cloud-based LeadScorz lead management system. “Our top priority is to help our clients achieve maximum marketing efficiencies through superior campaign execution; Versium has been pivotal in helping us to achieve this by providing actionable intelligence about our clients’ customers and prospects,” said Pat Murphy, CEO “By integrating Versium’s Predictive Lead Score service, we enable our clients to identify a campaign’s most likely converters while eliminating the low performing majority of their lead volume. By prioritizing leads, marketing budgets can be re-allocated to higher-quality sources, which results in improved sales performance, lowered labor costs, and significantly optimized marketing spend.”

Versium’s Datafinder Predictive Lead Score service has three main features:

Predictive Model Builder. Marketers can build high quality, predictive models through an automated self-service web interface without the need for any data science expertise.Real-time Lead Scoring. Using Datafinder’s API, leads are scored in real time, empowering organizations to instantly allocate marketing and sales resources to those prospects most likely to convert.Score Prospect Lists. Organizations can easily upload and score their existing prospect lists, enabling them to market to prospects with the highest propensity to purchase their products and services while greatly reducing their marketing expense.

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