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Logi Analytics

PAT Index
Measures how well the product or service is performing.
Rating Index
Measures how the product or service is rated in comparison to other products.

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30 Dashboards in 30 Minutes


Creating a dazzling dashboard is easier said than done. Most people who design dashboards and reports fail to consider critical components like color, layout, font, and content. Yet it's crucial to ensure every design component comes together to tell a clear and compelling story. Join this webinar to learn how to master dashboard design—and how […]

Personalizing Dashboard Views


Date: Wednesday, June 29, 2016 Time: 10am or 3pm ET Duration: 30 minutes Imagine visiting your favorite website and seeing every piece of information within it, all at once. Finding what you need would be impossible—and you may end up seeing some things you’re not supposed to see. Analytic reports run the same risk. To be […]


More Information on Predictive Analysis Process

Predictive Analytics Process Flow

For more information of predictive analytics process, please review the overview of each components in the predictive analytics process: data collection (data mining), data analysis, statistical analysis, predictive modeling and predictive model deployment.

Top predictive analytics software and Top predictive analytics open source software.

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