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January 21, 2017

SoftLayer CDN

Built on the foundation of SoftLayer’s revolutionary network architecture, this platform offers an extensive catalog of network-related services to control traffic to and from customers’ infrastructure. Consumers can customize network capabilities with uplink upgrades, load balancing within or between data centers, and software-defined networking appliances that protect and optimize performance. The solution allows user to manage how their servers communicate with each other and with the outside world. They also allow them to deliver their application to their end users quickly and consistently around the world while enjoying protection for their data [...]

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January 21, 2017


KeyCDN launched in 2012 and operates out of Switzerland. KeyCDN is a global CDN with their own infrastructure and POPs in US, Europe, Asia, South-America and Australia. KeyCDN is a high-performance Content Delivery Network (CDN) and is one of the most affordable content delivery service on the market. KeyCDN allows a firm to instantly accelerate their content. KeyCDN engineered their own architecture to achieve best performance. KeyCDN is not based on a federated CDN or any other reselling CDN. KeyCDN work together with various infrastructure partners in order to optimize processes and keep a lean organization. All these factors give us the flexibility to [...]

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January 21, 2017

Google Cloud CDN

Google Cloud Platform helps in focusing on what’s next for the business. Google Cloud Platform frees user from the overhead of managing infrastructure, provisioning servers and configuring networks. To let innovators innovate and let coders, well, just code. Google Cloud CDN leverages Google’s globally distributed edge points of presence to accelerate content delivery for websites and applications served out of Google Compute Engine and Google Cloud Storage. Cloud CDN lowers network latency, offloads origins, and reduces serving costs. Once the set up of HTTP(S) Load Balancing, simply enable Cloud CDN with a single checkbox. With caches at more than [...]

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January 21, 2017


CacheFly is a leader in CDN technology with a track record for high-throughput performing, ultra-reliable content delivery for over a decade. CacheFly offers users a CDN that performs from the first byte to the last byte. Moreover, its TCP-anycast technology and infrastructure offer the fewest network hops and the fastest file throughput performance. Its CacheFly CDN delivers clients’ highest quality video and IPTV files at faster than other content delivery network solutions while eliminating latency and offering unmatched performance.Regarding broadcasting, users can use CacheFly to ensure that no matter the broadcast, their content is delivered quickly [...]

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January 21, 2017

Edgecast Content Delivery Network

EdgeCast is a content delivery network (CDN) that helps companies accelerate and deliver static and dynamic content to end users around the world. It has since evolved into a full-service web performance company, with the recent launch of front-end optimization, DNS, and eCommerce CDN products. Major customers include Yahoo!, Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter, WordPress, and Hulu. The company has about 6,000 customers (as of October 2013) and carries approximately 6% of the world’s Internet traffic. Deloitte recently ranked EdgeCast as the #1 fastest-growing Internet company in America, and the #1 fastest-growing Los Angeles company in their 2012 “Fast [...]