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October 15, 2016


Nucleus is a data aggregation and analysis platform built specifically for associations that connects and aggregates data from disparate sources, empowering data-driven decision-making through visualization and analysis.Moreover, the platform can easily blend, transform, and analyze data from various sources including an AMS, LMS, event management systems, email, Google Analytics, and more.It is a tailor-made solution for all for associations and it blends data from unlimited data sources. Besides, it enables users to access and manage data visualizations, dashboards, and reports answering key association-focused questions. For businesses and [...]

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October 15, 2016


Attunity is a software that enables organizations to accelerate analytics initiatives by integrating structured, semi-structured and unstructured data across all the major database, data warehouse and Hadoop platforms, both on premise and in the Cloud. It is powerfully simple, high-performance data replication solution that enables enterprises to accelerate and reduce the costs of moving data.Attunity’s CloudBeam provides high performance, accelerated data between cloud storage environments and replication between regions. This allows users be able to manage information better and faster at the same time. With Attunity’s Connect, it will provide [...]

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September 25, 2016


Segment provide its users a better way of collecting data from customers and be able to send it to everyone in the team. Stream data to all marketing integration needs that the people need as well. This process ensures that all departments are getting the right data to better come up with solutions that can be planned and take action right away. All information from customers is vital to a company to understand how they can connect with them and better provide services. From mobile devices, websites, servers and cloud applications, Segment will be able to process these data obtained and send it to the tools where it can be used most effectively such as [...]