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February 2, 2018

Top 52 Free Statistical Software

Top 50 Free Statistical software: List of 50+ open source free statistical software including SAS University Edition, GNU Octave, ADaMSoft, BV4.1, PSPP, R, pbdR, Shogun, CSPro, CumFreq, Gretl. GDL, OpenMx, OpenStat, MaxStat Lite version, Sage, DAP, Dashboard of Sustainability, Epi Info, Develve, Salstat, Simfit, SOFA Statistics, First Bayes, StatCVS, Statistical Lab, WinBUGS, ViSta, WinPepi, SCaViS, DAP, ADMB, OpenEpi, Ploticus, Orange, NCAR Command Language, Perl Data Language, Scilab, SciPy, Yorick, IDAMS, EasyReg, IVEware, Zelig, Statcato, MacAnova, Dataplot, and Arc
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January 2, 2018

What is Statistical Analysis ?

Statistical Analysis is the study of the collection, organization, analysis, interpretation and presentation of data. Statistical Analysis begins with the identification of process or population in consideration. The population is collection of observation of the process at various times known as at time series and data from each of the observation serves as a member of the overall group.Statistical Analysis - Descriptive statistics and Inferential statistics: Descriptive statistics summarize the population data in consideration by describing what was observed in the sample graphically or numerically. Numerical descriptors are mean and standard deviation [...]

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August 26, 2017


GNU PSPP is a program for statistical analysis of sampled data. It is a alternative for IBM SPSS Statistics and is written in C. It has a graphical user interface and conventional command-line interface. PSPP functionality includes descriptive statistics, T-tests, anova, linear and logistic regression, cluster analysis, reliability and factor analysis, non-parametric tests and more.PSPP features include support for over 1 billion cases, support for over 1 billion variables, syntax and data files which are compatible with those of SPSS, choice of terminal or graphical user interface, choice of text, postscript, pdf, opendocument or html output formats, [...]

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July 2, 2017

Top 57 Statistical Software

Specialized computer programs which are used for collection, organization, analysis, interpretation and statistical presentation of data are known as statistical software. The two main statistical methodologies, which are used in data analysis in some of the proprietary statistical packages used in statistical analysis are descriptive statistics and inferential statistics.Descriptive Statistics, summarizes data from a sample using indexes such as the mean or standard deviation, and Inferential Statistics, draws conclusions from data that are subject to random variation such as observational errors, and sampling variation. IBM SPSS Modeler, Minitab, TIBCO [...]

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May 28, 2017

SAS University Edition

Under the education initiative, SAS Analytics U, launched Free SAS software for higher education called SAS University Edition. SAS University Edition is a free version of select SAS products for teaching and learning statistics and quantitative methods. SAS University Edition provides easy access to statistical software for research and other courses like economics, social sciences, computer science, business, medical, health and engineering. Once downloaded, the software can be used in a standalone PC, Mac or a Linux workstation. The package also includes e learning classes and training videos and access to the SAS Analytics U community, where you can [...]