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How to Select the Best Marketing Attribution Software for Your Business

How to Select the Best Marketing Attribution Software for Your Business

How to Select the Best Marketing Attribution Software for Your Business
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Marketing Attribution Software is used by companies in determining how events, actions, or touchpoints during the prospecting and sales processes that contributes to the success of their sales and marketing team. In understanding market attribution software, one has to understand marketing attribution. Marketing attribution is a science that determines the channels that drive purchases.

The Marketing Attribution Software deals with "touchpoints"; this refers to what a customer is exposed to before purchasing a product. The touchpoints covered by Marketing Attribution Software occupy several interactions such as watching a television advertisement or commercial and performing online comparisons based on the price by using a CSE site.

The word attribution in Marketing Attribution Software refers to the science related to assigning of credit or allocation of dollars from a sale to the customer's marketing touchpoints exposed to before their purchase. In attribution when a paid service or product is not directly involved it is referred to as conversion events. In this case, a registration of a website can be used instead of a sale and the credit for such a conversion should be assigned to marketing touchpoints in the same way.

In Marketing Attribution Software, there are several modeling styles used. One of the modeling types used is proper attribution modeling. In proper modeling, the credit is assigned proportionally to each touchpoint based on its influence on the customer's conversion decision or purchase. The objective of proper attribution modeling is determining which touchpoints produce a positive result.

Using the cost of each touchpoint generated by the proper attribution modeling, a user can then show which touchpoints are profitable. It is achieved by the help of an advanced attribution system. In advanced attribution modeling, users can create relationships between several touchpoints and also model the relationships accordingly. The Marketing Attribution Software has revolutionized the marketing measurement of companies. It is achieved as they can observe all touchpoints leading to a conversion and make concise and precise predictions of specific marketing expenditures and what interactions will produce excellent results.

What are Marketing Attribution Software

Marketing Attribution Software understand the complete sequence of events that lead to conversion, from web visits to email campaigns to display impressions and beyond. Marketing Attribution is the process of defining how customers prefer to engage, and what drives the outcome you are attempting to measure. In an increasingly digital world, generating and analyzing data is the driving force behind digital attribution, marketing optimization, and delivering a compelling customer experience. The contribution of all touchpoints must be understood and appreciated, rather than only crediting those at the start or end of the customer journey.

What are the Features of Marketing Attribution Software

Marketing Attribution Software provides the following features; social and content attribution, content, social and web analytics, competitive intelligence, and news monitoring.

  • Social and content attribution: It enables you to defend your social budget by using ROI data, making it easy for you to understand the value of every social media content and post asset you create.
  • Content, social, and web analytics: It provides unified reporting techniques across your social media, emails, blog, website analytics, and ads making it easy for you to prove the impact as a result of your marketing activities.
  • Competitive intelligence: It enables you to track your marketing performance against peers, competitors, and industry influencers by placing the right bets based on competitor audience and campaigns insights, and measuring your thought leadership footprint on important keywords and topics and getting real-time recommendations based on your historical and industry performance.
  • News monitoring: It enables you to monitor trends in competitor news mentions driving more impact from your outreach strategy through reporting on the performance of your PR alongside other digital channels, and seeing how your press coverage stacks up against industry competitors and leaders.
  • Cohort analysis: It enables you to take data from a given dataset rather than looking at all users as one unit.
  • Conversion tracking: It enables you to see what happens after a customer's interaction with your ad based on whether they purchased a product, signed up for your newsletters, contacted your business, or downloaded your app.
  • Uninstall tracking: It allows you to track the number of uninstalls that have occurred and then attributing them back to a specific media source, therefore enabling you to optimize your advertising strategy and budget with the targeted media sources providing highest value users.
  • Channel attribution: It enables allocation of equal credit to each marketing touchpoint across all online and offline channels.
  • Revenue tracking: It enables tracking of a monetary value of an event on your site and attributing that amount to a specific variation.
  • Advertising spend tracking: It enables you to gain actionable insights into ad spend and placement informing the strategic media planning process.
  • Visitor tracking: It enables you to carry out analysis of an individual visitor's behavior and using it in providing content or options to that visitor that is related to the implied performances.

What are the Types of Marketing Attribution Software

The types of the Marketing Attribution Software present are; single source attribution, fractional attribution, and algorithmic or probabilistic algorithm.

Fractional attribution: In this model, it consists of customer credit model that makes use of past experiences in allocating credit, equal weight model provides the same amount of credit to the events, and multi-touch or curve model functions by assigning several credits to across all the touchpoints to the buyer at set amounts.

Single source attribution: It is also known as single touch attribution and functions by assigning all the credit to one event such as the first click, the last click or even the previous channel to show a post view or ad.

Probabilistic or algorithmic attribution: It makes use of machine learning techniques and statistical modeling in the deriving probability of conversion across all marketing touchpoints that can be used to weigh the value of each touchpoint that precedes the conversion.

What are the Types of Marketing Attribution Software

What are the Types of Marketing Attribution Software

What are the Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) of Marketing Attribution Software

The key performance indicators of Marketing Attribution Software are vital to you as they enable you to know your marketing efforts, and tracking them continuously, therefore helping you to understand how your campaigns are performing. The key performance indicators of Marketing Attribution Software are; cost per each lead, value of customer lifetime, ROMI, and traffic to the lead ratio.

  • Cost per lead: It enables you to know how much it costs your marketing team or business acquire a customer or a lead and also accounting for any associated costs involved on obtaining a lead such as marketing software, employee wages, and the price expected on the marketing campaign used to reach that point.
  • Customer lifetime value: It enables you to know how much a customer is worth to you through knowing which customers make one purchase and never return and those who continue to spend their money on your business, therefore driving up the amount of value they provide over their lifetime as your customer.
  • Return on marketing investment (ROMI): It enables you to know if your marketing activities to provide more revenue to you than the amount you are spending to implement them to productive marketing activities.
  • Traffic-to-lead ratio: It enables you to measure the traffic on your website, for example measuring the activity of that traffic created by customers landing on your site.

What are the Benefits of Marketing Attribution Software

The benefits of Marketing Attribution Software are; channel and campaign performance measurement, visibility into down-funnel results, accurate attribution software, multi-touch modeling, offline channel tracking, confident decision-making paradigms, and having a clear view of the entire purchasing process.

  • Channel and campaign performance measurement: It enables marketers to see which programs, channels, and campaigns are most effective within their customer's buying journey.
  • Visibility into-down funnel results: It boosts better performance measurement of campaigns and also makes it easy to connect top-of-funnel initiatives to down-funnel results.
  • Accurate attribution of revenue: It provides marketers clear visibility into not only what channels are effective in influencing the pipeline and gives marketers greater clarity into their marketing strategies starting from campaigns and keywords to down-funnel impacts and revenue contribution.
  • Offline channel tracking; It enables marketers use attribution create a comprehensive array of data that can inform an entire marketing strategy that includes both online and offline channel mixes.
  • Multi-touch modelling: It enables marketers perform multi-touch attribution that assigns 100% of the revenue credit for a sale to a customer's entire buying journey.

What are the Latest trends in Marketing Attribution Software

The latest trends in Marketing Attribution Software are; crediting touchpoints differently, digital campaigns, offline channels, dynamic personalization, account-based attribution, and marketing technology landscape.

  • Marketing technology landscape: It makes use of an infographic that organizes marketing technologies by themes according to types and dozens of categories that range from content experience to advertising technologies.
  • Crediting touchpoints: The Marketing Attribution Software now provides the ability to score touchpoints differently across the sales continuum and providing interactions that pose the significant impact on sales rather than scoring each touch equally.
  • Digital campaigns: The Marketing Attribution Software now attributes digital conversions and leads that work much the same way as tracking codes, and also makes conversion tracking from social media platforms easy to configure.
  • Offline channels: It enables manual tracking of conversions and leads from speaking engagements and events into the sales CRM and through the sales cycle.
  • Account-based attribution: It provides one dashboard where you can view all the interactions of your customers with your products and services and also enables multiple tracking of people in a company involved in a sale.

 How to choose the right Marketing Attribution Software

There is Marketing Attribution Software available in the market. Choosing the right Marketing Attribution Software can sometimes be a tedious process. Below are the factors to consider when selecting and buying Marketing Attribution Software;

  • Models should answer the executive question: The Marketing Attribution Software should provide answers on how to spend the revenue on the business.
  • Lead quality: It should explain the rate at which leads become active users, and the prices for acquiring paying customers.
  • Campaign objectives should be a key component: The Marketing Attribution Software should outline its campaign strategy, for example, a first-touch model works for a branding campaign, and a time-decay model is suited for limited-time promotion.
  • Able to pivot: It should allow you to test, iterate, optimize, or completely change attribution models.

Here are the trending and the top rated Marketing Attribution Software for you to consider in your selection process:

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