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Union Square add data visualisation, analysis with Yellowfin

Union Square add data visualisation, analysis with Yellowfin

Union Square add data visualisation, analysis with Yellowfin : Union Square, a UK-based provider of an integrated information management solution to the construction industry, has embedded Yellowfin’s BI software into its information management platform to add data visualisation, analysis and reporting features. Yellowfin’s analytics capabilities enable Union Square clients to quickly generate reports and visualisations, based on data captured within the Union Square system, empowering them to improve processes and reduce costs associated with their construction projects.

In response to commercial and competitive pressures, as well as customer demand, Union Square wanted to enhance its solution by offering users a graphical and visual representation of data. It needed a powerful, intuitive, affordable and easy-to-use reporting and analytics tool that it could fully embed into its knowledge management platform.

After an extensive review of the BI market, Union Square chose Yellowfin as its embedded BI partner because it matched their requirements – from technical engagement through to client-side pre-sales support.

“Union Square’s customers had expressed the need for greater analysis capabilities to visualise data stored on the platform,” said Union Square Managing Director, Richard Vincent. “We always take on board customer feedback and regularly update our software to ensure that it meets with the evolving needs of the construction industry.”

Vincent added that not only was Union Square able to technically integrate Yellowfin into its knowledge management platform with ease, Yellowfin’s affordability and intuitiveness (particularly for non-IT experts) were also critical for meeting the needs of its clients within the construction industry.

“The power and flexibility of these combined products will help Union Square’s customers enormously when it comes to analysing their business, visualising trends and measuring KPIs to deliver more effective and efficient projects,” said Vincent.

Union Square Product Director, Peter Wakefield, said that Union Square clients working in professional services and financial roles within the construction industry used Yellowfin to track and act on a range of metrics, including project profitability, sector and office performance, staff utilisation and availability, billings and debtor profiling. When it comes to contracting, Wakefield said Yellowfin dashboards helped clients track and control bid management success, supply chain performance, project quality management and risk management.

“We are delighted to be working in partnership with Yellowfin to revolutionise the way that our clients report on the immensely rich set of data that the Union Square platform is managing for them,” said Wakefield. “Yellowfin have been fun, flexible, supportive and creative in helping Union Square deliver world-class analytics and insights to its clients.”

“We are very pleased to be working with Union Square to further enhance its world-class knowledge management platform with extensive and easy-to-use BI capability,” said Baxter. “Yellowfin is enabling Union Square to help its clients gain a clearer understanding of the information stored on its knowledge management platform, including individual project activity and finances, in order to improve processes and achieve competitive advantage through data-driven decision-making.

“Demand for analytics and BI is growing steadily as businesses across sectors begin to understand the value they can derive by analysing business insights. By embedding Yellowfin’s versatile and customisable BI tool, data management providers can enrich their solutions, win new business and assist clients to gain a competitive edge.”

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