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Top 21 Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Software

Top 21 Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Software

Top 21 Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Software
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Project Portfolio Management Software are centralised tools to analyze and collectively manage current or proposed projects based on numerous key characteristics. The objectives of PPM are to determine the optimal resource mix for delivery and to schedule activities to best achieve an organization’s operational and financial goals while considering the constraints. Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (EPPM) is the practice of taking a top down approach to managing all project intensive work and resources across the enterprise.

Top Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Software

Gensight, Planisware, Planview, Sopheon , Accept Software , Artemis , BigLever , CA PPM , Dassault Systèmes , Enrich , PDWare, Primavera Enterprise, Portfolio for JIRA, HP PPM, Innotas, SAP, Eclipse PPM, EcoSys EPC, Clarizen, Microsoft Project Online, Celoxis are some of Top Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Software in no particular order.

1. Gensight

Manage deliverables, timescales and costs with built-in methodologies. Improve productivity with workflow, collaboration, gate-management and a shared knowledge base for all project managers and team members.

2. Planisware

Planisware is a Project and Portfolio Management software solution that helps to Shape the strategy and direction of your business through road-maps, budgets, buckets, and more, Define, prioritize, and manage your portfolio of projects through investment scenarios, simulations, and Gain visibility and manage your resources through capacity planning, resource scheduling, time tracking.


3. Planview

Planview Enterprise enables you to Capture demand – market, internal, and customer, Prioritize portfolios – projects, applications, products, and services, Optimize organizational capacity – people, financial, and assets, Link plans to execution – project and resource management and Manage end-to-end financials – plans and actuals.


4. Sopheon

Sopheon’s Accolade solution covers all four Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) market segments. Companies behind many of the world’s leading brands use Accolade for their NPD PPM strategies, initiatives and projects.

5. Accept Software

Accept Software provides solutions that enable to collect, organize, and manage product requirements, ideas, product strategies and portfolios, and agile execution information all in one place. It allows product organization to view all product planning and execution data in context with business goals, priorities, and development implications, while keeping everything in sync as conditions change at any point from concept to final execution.
Accept Software

6. Artemis

Artemis delivers enhanced project management reporting, including graphical dashboards and interactive key performance indicators with detailed drill down charts for easy root cause analysis and trending. Accept360 eliminates the work silos associated with point tools and spreadsheets. With Accept360, all users share a single version of the truth that is mapped to every team member’s perspective .

7. BigLever

BigLever’s Product Line Engineering (PLE) solution has enabled leading-edge organizations across a spectrum of industries to make a smooth, efficient transition to PLE practice. The BigLever PLE solution delivers the essential elements needed to fully leverage the latest PLE advances and realize the order-of-magnitude business and technical benefits provided by PLE.


CA PPM to drive business transformation and operational excellence and to accelerate innovation. Executives rely on its power to make smart decisions, drive better communication and transparency and reduce their investment risk.

9.Dassault Systèmes

Dassault Systèmes provides product development software applications, delivered on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, enabling 3D Design, Engineering, 3D CAD, Modeling, Simulation, Data Management and Process Management.
Dassault Systèmes


Enrich flexible analytic engine gives the freedom to value projects–the way you want to–right within the EAP. Incorporate cost, schedule, risk, market, and partnership data on your terms. EAP gives you the freedom to consider multiple scenarios for each project and determine which is the best fit with your portfolio.


11. PDWare

PDWare ResourceFirst provides software and solutions to help align the skills in the organization with the demand. PDWare you can register projects directly with any supporting information including priority, schedule, and key project parameters.

12. Primavera Enterprise

Primavera focuses on solutions that go beyond facilitating on-time and within budget and scope projects, to support business outcomes that drive C-level strategic metrics and results.
Primavera Enterprise

13. Portfolio for JIRA

Portfolio for JIRA, lets to plan and forecast with confidence, make data-informed decisions when things change and keep everyone on the same page.
Portfolio for JIRA

14. HP PPM

HP PPM solution helps executives overcome all challenges by providing critical information in real-time to help PMO makes the right investment decisions by standardizing, managing, and capturing the execution of project and operational activities and resources.

15. Innotas

Innotas Project Portfolio Management (PPM) provides easy to configure dashboards so you and your stakeholders can view key performance indicators – empowering you to make better decisions.

16. SAP

SAP portfolio and project management software to help link ideas and strategies with project data, workflows, and business processes. Control and innovate projects, processes, products, and services across their lifecycles with tools to standardize project execution processes and reduce administrative burden.

17. Eclipse PPM

Eclipse PPM, makes it easy and fast to manage your portfolio, projects, and resources in one place and in real-time.
Eclipse PPM

18. EcoSys EPC

EcoSys EPC is a software platform, applying its robust budgeting, funding, and cost controls capabilities to project selection, prioritization, and portfolio optimization.

EcoSys EPC

19. Clarizen

Clarizen is a cloud based project management solutions help you and your colleagues work more efficiently, effectively, and with better results


20. Microsoft Project Online

Microsoft Project Online is a flexible online solution for project portfolio management (PPM) and everyday work. Delivered through Office 365, Project Online enables organizations to get started, prioritize project portfolio investments and deliver the intended business value—from virtually anywhere on nearly any device.

Microsoft Project Online

21. Celoxis

Celoxis is an integrated and collaborative web-based platform to manage your projects, finances, resources and business processes online.



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