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SAP BILT Mobile App for DIY consumers

SAP BILT Mobile App for DIY consumers

SAP BILT Mobile App for DIY consumers : As the popularity of do-it-yourself projects increases, consumers are still challenged by at-home assembly of common items like furniture and appliances. This results in frustration for consumers and potential loss of sales for manufacturers, whose products are less likely to be recommended if the assembly process proves too difficult. To enable manufacturers and empower consumers, SAP delivered the BILT mobile app, which provides interactive, 3D, voice-guided assembly, repair and installation instructions in an easy-to-use application for iOS and Android tablets.

Purchase decisions for home products are often based on reviews from friends and increasingly by social media sentiment. A difficult assembly process can skew a review negatively, and with social media, word can spread like wildfire, drawing buyers away from an otherwise useful product. This translates into consumers opting for products that are not always the best item on the shelves. BILT fixes this problem by revolutionizing the assembly process without forcing manufacturers to change their product designs. BILT digitally enables consumers to find the product best fit for them and assemble it as quickly and easily as possible. What’s more, the BILT assembly advantage applies equally to a host of different products. All types of consumer products can be covered by BILT, from barbeques to bicycles to baby cribs, with the potential to simplify assembly and maintenance for tens of thousands of additional items in the future.

BILT equips you with 3D, interactive, step-by-step instructions for products requiring assembly, set-up, repair, or maintenance. There’s no need for paper instructions. Whether you need a new part or you want to troubleshoot, the information you need is right at your fingertips. BILT also registers your new product with its manufacturer and keeps the warranty information so you always have it on your mobile device.

Key features of BILT :

• Interactive, easy-to-follow visual and audio instructions
• 3D step-by-step instructions complete with audio show you how to put together whatever you’ve purchased
• “Play” and “Pause” buttons let you repeat, go forward, or back – or take a water break if you need one
• At any time in the process, BILT will register the great product you just bought with its manufacturer
• By registering your product with BILT, your warranty will be tracked so you always know your status with the manufacturer

Using BILT, a free service to consumers, is as easy as downloading an app to a tablet device. Once downloaded, the user looks up the product for assembly and can instantly play the interactive tutorial to walk through it step by step at their desired pace. BILT makes it easy to capture and send product registration to the manufacturer, streamlining the warranty process, while retaining replacement part, repair and warranty information for the consumer — all in one place. What was once a complicated, frustrating process is now a simple and even enjoyable one.

For manufacturers, BILT turns the entire at-home assembly process on its head. BILT enables manufacturers to update and make changes to instructions immediately, rather than moving through the lengthy process involved in reprinting and repackaging. With comprehensive 3D assembly instructions, BILT reduces assembly errors, which leads to fewer returned products, as well as a reduction in customer service calls, all resulting in tangible benefits to the bottom line. BILT is available on Android and iOS tablet devices.


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