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Qlik acquired Vizubi and its NPrinting product line

Qlik acquired Vizubi and its NPrinting product line

Qlik acquired Vizubi and its NPrinting product line : Qlik has acquired Vizubi and its NPrinting product line, the market-leading report generation, distribution, and scheduling application for QlikView. A Qlik partner since 2013, NPrinting allows organizations to create visually-appealing reports with drag-and-drop simplicity, in a variety of popular formats including Microsoft Office, PixelPerfect (.PDF), and HTML, using data and analytics from QlikView. With this acquisition, QlikView can now serve as a single platform for both guided analytics and reporting, allowing organizations to retire redundant business intelligence solutions and save significant costs.

As Enterprise Data Discovery momentum has increased, the need for Qlik customers to have the power of interactive and collaborative analytics in combination with automated reporting has grown. QlikView NPrinting connects itself directly to one or more QlikView applications and extracts data and visualizations instantly to generate reports in multiple formats with drag-and-drop simplicity. Its intuitive interface allows reports to be centrally scheduled, generated, and delivered to a varietry of receipents, or reports can be requested directly from QlikView applications in an on-demand fashion. Once reports are generated, users can easily navigate back to QlikView for further analysis.

"As a customer of QlikView and NPrinting, I have gained the best of both worlds with an unmatched level of interactive analytics and control in the creation and the sharing of business users reports," said Ken Hartman, Director R&D Productivity, Analog Devices Inc. "NPrinting adds real value to the QlikView solution by exposing its outputs for discovery to a broader audience, boosting adoption and collaboration and promoting operational effectiveness."

QlikView NPrinting allows users to send user-appropriate reports on an ad-hoc or scheduled basis. Users are associated with specific filters, e-mail addresses, directories, Section Access User IDs, and passwords. Reports can be delivered by e-mail, saved to user directories, or published on websites. QlikView NPrinting also has the ability to generate reports when specific conditions and triggers are met.

With the QlikView NPrinting solution, customers can:

• Author Microsoft Office, PixelPerfect, and web ready HTML reports, leveraging the value of existing assets by distributing QlikView reports via a number of methods.
• Create banded reports, allowing users to customize reports using advanced features such as scripting, conditional formatting, table of contents, shapes, and logos and images.
• Insert QlikView objects from multiple QlikView documents into a single report, syncing different sources based on fields chosen.
• Schedule the distribution of individually customized reports to employees around the world.
• Make reports available on demand directly through QlikView apps and easily connect back to QlikView for further analysis.
• Set cycles and filters to send everyone precisely the information they should see in the format that best fits organizational needs: keep the original format, convert to PDF, multiple image formats, or export to CSV.

"Vizubi and its NPrinting products fit squarely in our acquisition strategy as tuck-in a technology that enhances the value of Qlik solutions to our customers. We believe in the power of interactive reporting and know that to get people engaged with Qlik, they need exposure to the power of discovery. An NPrinting report may just be some users' first encounter with the power of visual analytics at the point of decision making," said Anthony Deighton, Qlik Chief Technology Officer.


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