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Prevedere, releases API for real-time, big data-driven forecasting

Prevedere, releases API for real-time, big data-driven forecasting

Prevedere, releases API for real-time, big data-driven forecasting : Prevedere, announced a set of proactive integrations that will deliver real-time, big data-driven predictive forecasting ability to Oracle Hyperion, Tableau and Microsoft Excel users. Combined with Prevedere’s existing SAP Business Planning and Consolidation integration, the majority of enterprises relying on these business intelligence and planning tools will now have access to more accurate forecasting through these APIs.With these new integrations, Prevedere enables enterprises to identify the right set of leading external indicators that impact their performance and incorporate them into existing business processes instantly.

“The ability to seamlessly integrate predictive analytics-driven forecasts with the most popular corporate performance management and business intelligence solutions is a requirement for today’s enterprise executives,” said Jack Noonan, former chairman, president and CEO of SPSS Inc. and Prevedere advisory board member. “This news proves that Prevedere is leading the way in predictive analytics solutions with integrations that create powerful insights to drive more accurate sales and demand forecasts.”

Powered by Prevedere’s proprietary cloud-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) correlation engine, the new APIs offer seamless integration with Oracle Hyperion, Tableau, Microsoft Excel and SAP BPC, allowing businesses to combine the external factors that drive their results with existing business intelligence and historical data for a holistic view of performance. By integrating these analytics into core business operations, such as supply chain management and financial planning, companies are poised to gain competitive advantages by making smarter decisions based on more accurate sales and demand forecasts.

As businesses integrate Prevedere’s external insights with Oracle, Tableau, Microsoft and SAP, they will capture significantly higher return on shareholder value with:

• Improved fact-based financial forecasts
• Ability to quickly and accurately execute or alter sales and demand projections
• Optimized working capital management
• Reduced inventory costs and improved operational efficiency
• Greater confidence in overall business planning and management

“Our goal at Prevedere is to make big data and predictive analytics more accessible to enterprises to drive more proactive business decisions,” said Rich Wagner, president and CEO, Prevedere. “These integrations put previously unattainable information in the hands of enterprise decision makers across all functional areas, empowering them with easily accessible, unbiased economic information within their existing planning and analysis tools.”

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