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Pipeliner CRM integrated with Yesware

Pipeliner CRM integrated with Yesware

Pipeliner CRM integrated with Yesware : Pipeliner CRM integrated with Yesware to track email results and increase sales win rate. Pipeliner CRM continues to integrate with leading providers, enabling users to build custom workflows for more productive processes. This integration furthers the Pipeliner CRM objectives of empowering sales teams globally with tools to help businesses leverage the entrepreneurial traits of salespeople.

The integration with Yesware enables sales professionals to sell more efficiently as they can understand how and when their messages and presentations are being seen. Yesware is an all-in-one sales toolkit that provides email tracking and analytics for Gmail and Outlook. Combined with Pipeliner CRM (which also syncs with Gmail), prospecting and sales management is much smarter.

Together, Yesware and Pipeliner CRM expand workflow, effortlessly:

• Automatic Yesware-Pipeliner CRM-Gmail integration means all sent emails will appear in Pipeliner CRM records, while working in Gmail.
• Comprehensive individual email scheduling, tracking and management.
• Yesware keeps track of messages and presentations sent to prospects and their opens.
• Automatically BCC emails from Gmail account to Pipeliner CRM

“We see the Yesware integration as another step in our strategy enabling customers to use the innovative Pipeliner platform with their incumbent systems -- designed for maximum efficiency. This blend of processes allows sales to be more efficient,” said Todd Martin, VP of Global ISV & Partner Alliances at Pipeliner CRM. “We’re thrilled to partner with Yesware on this integration as we see an enormous benefit to sales teams augmenting both Yesware and Pipeliner CRM’s innovative technologies to move deals smartly through their pipelines.”

“We’re excited to have Pipeliner CRM join our rapidly growing CRM integration partner community,” said Scott Haylon, Director of Business Development at Yesware. “Combining Yesware and Pipeliner CRM helps salespeople unlock invaluable insights into prospect engagement and sales activity, allowing them to close more deals with greater efficiency.”

The advantage to using Yesware and Pipeliner CRM together is in having both platforms highly aligned for maximum efficiency in the sales process. Pipeliner CRM brings comprehensive sales process to teams of all sizes, encompassing Lead Management, Sales Forecasting, Social Selling and visual representations of the entire deal flow. Yesware provides the ability to track prospect engagement to help salespeople better understand prospects and prioritize sales activities.


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