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Oracle Extends Mobile Capabilities of the Oracle Marketing Cloud

Oracle Extends Mobile Capabilities of the Oracle Marketing Cloud

Oracle Extends Mobile Capabilities of the Oracle Marketing Cloud : To help marketers and advertisers improve revenue, conversions and engagement from mobile marketing, Oracle has introduced new mobile capabilities to the Oracle Marketing Cloud that enable marketers and advertisers to leverage valuable mobile insights to deliver relevant content and media to their audiences. Mobile is increasingly becoming the channel of choice for consumers. According to The Digital Consumer Report 2014, by Nielsen, 87 percent of U.S. smartphone and tablet owners are using their mobile devices to buy products and services. Marketers can now use mobile-specific insights to deliver messages in context and improve cross-channel marketing effectiveness.

“The mobile-first consumer presents a huge opportunity for marketers to leverage insights to drive meaningful and personalized conversations with prospects and customers,” said Steve Krause, group vice president, Product Management, for Oracle Marketing Cloud. “Oracle is creating a holistic view of mobile interactions that help marketers orchestrate personalized customer experiences and drive revenue across any channel, including email, SMS, display, social and web.”

To enable brands and advertisers to better target prospects and customers with relevant advertising on their mobile devices, the Oracle Marketing Cloud also includes enhancements to its mobile Data Management Platform (DMP). Powered by the Oracle ID Graph, it allows marketers to connect identities across disparate mobile devices to one person. Marketers can use the DMP to build sophisticated audience segments across owned and third-party data and push that data into hundreds of pre-integrated paid media channels across display, search and paid social. The mobile DMP can be utilized by marketers and advertisers in all industries.

To improve engagement and customer retention for consumer marketers, the Oracle Marketing Cloud released the following capabilities:

Advanced Insights: Premium link tracking enables embedding of branded short URLs in SMS messages for deep insights into how well campaigns perform by monitoring SMS click-through rates and conversions.

Engaging Mobile Content: Delivers rich Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) messages to mobile devices as part of a cross-channel orchestration strategy. MMS can drive deeper engagement by delivering mobile coupons and promotions that include color and images.

Effective Notifications: A push notification sent to Android devices where the notification itself includes an image such as a coupon, encourages users to open the notification and further engage with the marketer’s app. Oracle’s recently released push campaign manager lets marketers design, configure and manage all push campaigns for even greater personalization, with all customer data tied back to a contact profile table.

Seamless Mobile Integration: Brings customers back to a mobile app by embedding mobile deep links in push and email messages. When customers click on the links, offers are opened directly inside the mobile app, creating a more seamless mobile experience.

Simple Mobile Campaign Management: Equipped with out-of-the-box templates to support various SMS use cases and easy-to-use frameworks for building two-way customer interactions, including acquisition, awareness, intent, purchase and engagement, and loyalty.

Responsive Engagement Tools: New SMS Keyword Listeners allow organizations to listen and respond as customers’ text in keywords that trigger orchestrated responses. Chaining these inbound and outbound messages together to enable discovery about their customers and automate responses.To meet the demands of the mobile workforce, Oracle Marketing Cloud also introduces new mobile capabilities for business-to-business (B2B) marketers:

Real-time Sales Enablement: Let sales executives use their mobile device to access customer profile and digital body language information such as web, email and social activity. This puts rich contact data literally in the hands of an on-the-go sales rep, wherever the rep is.

Personalized push notifications: Improve campaign reach and effectiveness with personalized push notifications. A marketer can simply embed push notifications right into the campaign workflow when defining a cross-channel customer journey.

Enhanced Responsive Design: Show how an email or landing page will scale across devices, including a mobile or tablet experience.

Track Engagement: Trackable links in either SMS or Push messages orchestrated within campaigns better measure engagement with content.Extend Mobile Functionality through Oracle AppCloud: Include mobile vendors of choice for SMS and MMS messaging within the campaign canvas to send images, manage short and long codes, and send QR codes to customers.


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