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What is All in One CRM Software ?

What is All in One CRM Software ?

What is All in One CRM Software ?
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CRM stands for customer relationship management software, it is a category of software that covers a wide range of applications it combines people, processes and technology in order to understand a company’s customers, an all in one system integrates sales, service and marketing with capabilities of managing customer data, customer support, customer interaction and marketing among many more processes. Besides the management of customer relationship the software is also capable of managing business contracts. Businesses are able to prosper and improve their profits as CRM makes it easy to keep track of customers, what they require and the history they have had with the company such information is vital in an organisation since businesses thrive as a result of repeat, loyal customers and knowing what their needs are makes it easy to keep them happy which in turn leads to long term sustainable profitability. The importance of retaining clients has been proven in numerous studies that find bringing in a new client takes ten times more than retaining an old one. CRM software puts the customer at the heart of the business.

The software is able to manage interactions with potential customers not just existing ones, it gives a clear overview of all the customers in the business with the option of customising your own dashboard to give information about the current state of a customer, be it the status of an order and if there are any outstanding customer service issues. CRM reduces the time a business will use in administrative work and in turn increase sales leading to increased profits of a business, personalised communications is made to clients via email, phone, fax or mail leading to increased efficiency, effectiveness and reliability of information. Information about new business brought through referrals or recommendations is able to be tracked. The software can be analysed to forecast trends and revenue.


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What are the Features of All in One CRM Software

The features provided by CRM software are, remote access,omni-channell capabilities, email intergration,upsell capabilities and tracking, reporting and analytics, user dashboard and tools, social media intergrations,campaign manager and tags, list and data management, automation tools, email marketing, incident tracking.

  • Remote access: With cloud based CRM access is granted anywhere, using an internet connection and credentials using mobile access and tools.
  • Omni-channel capabilities: Track and organise customer interactions across all communication mediums.
  • Email integrations: Integrates with your email programs easily moving email communications and details.
  • Up sell capabilities and tracking: Processes sales and upgrades on site with new clients while tracking all activities.
  • Reporting and analytics: Stores data together in meaningful ways and analyses developing trends.
  • User dashboard and tools: View statistics in a highly visual, engaging perspective using customized reports and dashboard and the ability to customise the home screen
  • Social media integrations: Ability to connect with and via social media.
  • Campaign manager and tags: Data is well organised and easy to locate for whoever is in need, with the ability to create task lists and email reminders.
  • List and data management: Manages your data and customer lists effectively with the option of using default tools or customising.
  • Automation tools: Automates lead tracking and follow up processes, ensuring accuracy and freeing up time.
  • Email marketing: The ability to send bulk mail to numerous clients to inform them on any new product or product changes.
  • Incident tracking: if a customer had a complaint the issue is able to be recorded, details of the customer issuing the complaint, the person tasked with dealing with the issue and the status of whether the issue has been dealt with.
  • Quote/order management: Ability to create quotes instantly and save accounts for future reference.
  • Lead management: managing leads from prospective to conversion, with the ability to view customer interaction.
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HubSpot CRM
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What are the Types of All in One CRM Software

Marketing automation suite (operational)

  • Marketing campaigns management.
  • Contact Management.
  • Marketing analysis and forecasting.

Sales automation suite

  • Sales Distribution Channels to support the customers and internal management.
  • Instant Sales Information available through accessible databases.
  • Sales Activity and Time Management.
  • Sales Account, Contact, and Opportunity Management.
  • Forecast Sale Trends and Revenues Accurately.
  • Analyze and report and Analyze of Sales Opportunities.

Customer service and support software suite (collaborative CRM)

  • Call Routing.
  • Contact Centre Sales Support
  • Web-based Self-Service
  • Customer Satisfaction Measurement
  • Call- Scripting
  • Workforce Management
  • A Checklist of Customer Service and Support for Success

Report and Data Analysis Software Suite (analytical CRM)

  • Marketing insight
  • Sales Report and Data Analysis
  • Customer Service & Support
  • Profitability


What are the Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) of All in One CRM Software

  • Customer life cycle-The number of clients the business has been able to retain their loyalty and satisfaction.
  • Firm performance- Status of the market share, efficiency of the product, the ability to adapt and seamlessly interact with ERP and new product launch indicators.
  • Operational performance-Improvement in sales performance, marketing campaigns, customer service and analysing customer information for a streamlined sales operation.


What are the Benefits of All in One CRM Software

  • Manage customer interactions- Allows companies to help manage more customer interactions faster.
  • Consolidates information- Consolidates customer information for analysis and viewing.
  • Simplifies data - Turns massive amounts of data into insight while viewing several customer analyses
  • Increase revenue- Reduces costs around serving customers due to less customer churn and optimized customer relations management
  • Increase profitability- Enables companies to share human resource data, accounts, documents, projects, logistical data, financial data and workflow internally.
  • Improves customer loyalty- Provides a continuous learning process for the customer over the web or through automated services.
  • Improved efficiency in serving clients- When the company has knowledge about clients needs, they are better suited to serve them.
  • Greater staff satisfaction-The more knowledge your employees have the more empowered and engaged they are.
  • Quick data collection-saving customer data while on the field, and saving customer interaction through mobile applications, emailing and chatting with just a few clicks.
  • Get real time data- with the option of accessing data anywhere.
  • Profile customers easily- Organisation of customer information and their preference makes it easy to categorise them demographical and through their transaction history making it easy to meet their needs.
  • Make accurate sales forecast –it is easy to see business patterns, how tasks are coming in and out making it easy to plan for the future.


What are the Latest trends in All in One CRM Software

  • Integration with social media application- intergratating with third parties for customer connections.
  • Big data analytics tools-with the ability to foretell the monetary value and profitability of a particular customer
  • Mobile CRM application modules-To enable sale reps to better serve customers from any location with the need of mobile access only
  • Gamification-  utilizes game design techniques and mechanics to enhance user adoption of CRM applications
  • Availability on social media- for better connection and communication with clients
  • Offering CRM through Saas model- which is also referred to as an on-demand solution and is part of the growing cloud computing movement
  • Knowledge collaboration – Integration of data across different departments beyond selling and marketing, for instance purchasing, accounting and management.


 How to choose the right All in One CRM Software

  • On premise or cloud based - on premise is purchased and installed on service of business premises, while cloud based is managed by the developers requiring internet access.
  • The cost of the software - The total cost of the software needs to be put into consideration, if there are additional fees for instance set up fees.
  • If the software is built for a small, medium or large scale business.
  • The security features of the software - if customer data is able to be protected, back up of information in case of an outage.
  • The ability to integrate with existing software in the business- this is important because failure of integration leads to additional costs.
  • Customer service - if they are readily accessible and the time taken to respond to queries
  • Reputation of the software provider- this information may be obtained from reviews or testimonials of clients as well as if it is established software with awards or recently developed.
  • Niche based solutions – if the CRM is developed for a particular industry or service.
  • Ease of usage – it is important to choose software that is easy to use so as to avoid time wastage in trainings.


Top All in one CRM Software

HubSpot CRM, 1 CRM, Flowlu, WORK[etc], OnContact, Base, BlueCamroo, Hatchbuck, LeadMaster’s CRM, Selphiu are the Top All in one CRM Software.

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