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Natural Language Processing Artificial intelligence Projects

Natural Language Processing Artificial intelligence Projects

Natural Language Processing Artificial intelligence Projects
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Artificial intelligence is the study of intelligence exhibited by machines or software. Natural language processing is a field of computer science, artificial intelligence, and linguistics dealing with the interactions between computers and human languages. Essentially this is the area of human computer interaction.

Natural language processing gives machines the ability to read and understand the languages that humans speak. The natural language processing system would enable natural language user interfaces and the acquisition of knowledge directly from human written sources, such as news and other unstructured texts.

Semantic Indexing is used as a common method of processing and extracting meaning from natural language. Applications of natural language processing include information retrieval such as text mining, text analytics and machine translation.

What are Natural Language Processing Artificial intelligence Projects: Artificial Intelligence Markup Language, InfoTame , KAR Intelligent Computer , Proverb , BOTICUS , START , SHRDLU and SYSTRAN are some of the Natural language processing Artificial intelligence Projects in no particular order.

Natural language processing Artificial intelligence Projects

1. Artificial Intelligence Markup Language

AIML, the Artificial Intelligence Markup Language, is an XML dialect for creating natural language software agents. AIML makes it possible for you to customize an Alicebot or creating a new one. The most important units of AIML are , which is the tag that begins and ends an AIML document, , which is the tag that marks a "unit of knowledge" in an Alicebot's knowledge base, which is used to contain a simple pattern that matches what a user may say or type to an Alicebot and which contains the response to a user input.

Artificial Intelligence Markup Language

2. InfoTame

InfoTame, is a text analysis search for sorting communications intercepts. InfoTame distills the essence of millions of documents onto a single page, automatically guiding users to discover not only what they seek, but what they don't know exists in their databases. InfoTame's easy-to-use products enable users to uncover and understand non-obvious patterns and relationships between people, events, places, and companies within minutes, from millions of documents, before they read a single page.


3. KAR Intelligent Computer

KAR Intelligent Computer has a database with over 450,000 possible answers in 4 languages: English, French, German and Spanish. KAR Intelligent Computer which will allow you to integrate it into your web project or software.

KAR Intelligent Computer

4. Proverb

Proverb is the world's first computer program designed to solve standard American crosswords given the grid and clues. Proverb draws on a set of powerful techniques from the fields of artificial intelligence and computer science. Proverb consists of a set of programs that act as ``experts.'' Each expert knows how to solve a different type of clue and returns as many suggestions of the correct length as it can, marking each candidate answer with a confidence score.



BOTICUS, is a language structure analysis program which is used to generate new sentence structures. BOTICUS, is developed in 2012.



START, is world's first Web-based question answering system, and has been continuously operating since 1993. It has been developed by Boris Katz. Unlike information retrieval systems , START goal is to supply users with "just the right information," instead of merely providing a list of hits. Currently, the system can answer millions of English questions about places such as cities, countries, lakes, coordinates, weather, maps, demographics, political and economic systems, movies such as titles, actors, directors, people such as birth dates, biographies), dictionary definitions.




SHRDLU is a program for understanding natural language, written by Terry Winograd at the M.I.T. Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in 1968-70. SHRDLU carried on a simple dialog (via teletype) with a user, about a small world of objects (the BLOCKS world) shown on an early display screen (DEC-340 attached to a PDP-6 computer).



SYSTRAN is the market leading machine translation solutions provider. The company’s advanced language translation software helps enterprises and individuals communicate more effectively in multiple languages. SYSTRAN’s software instantly translates text from and into 52 languages for individuals to understand and publish any type of information.




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