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Medallia Text Analytics Engine Delivers Real-Time Actionable Insight without Blind Spots

Medallia Text Analytics Engine Delivers Real-Time Actionable Insight without Blind Spots

Medallia, announced machine learning Text Analytics technology that automates the discovery of customer-feedback topics that might have otherwise been missed by traditional text analytics approaches. This real-time solution leaps ahead of traditional text analytics that rely on and are limited by manual, human input. Serving global enterprises across a multitude of industries, Medallia’s Text Analytics operates at massive scale, processing and analyzing billions of customer comments at the click of a button.

Beyond automation and scale, Medallia’s new Text Analytics uses the most advanced machine-learning techniques to process billions of pieces of data to uncover actionable insights that can be immediately accessed by the right person at the right time. The analysis is instantaneous, providing Medallia customers with a comprehensive, accurate and current picture of the customer.

“Companies today are faced with vast amounts of solicited and unsolicited customer feedback. Text analytics offerings have come a long way but are still only as good as the people behind them, which can lead to inherent bias and blindspots,” says Ken Fine, head of worldwide product at Medallia. “What Medallia’s new text analytics engine does is turn this problem on its head by allowing machine learning to identify topics that could have been missed. We can do this on the fly and with any amount of data.”

With Medallia’s new Text Analytics capabilities, teams are now freed to focus on solving customer issues rather than expending time to perfect rules and keywords and scouring text in fear of missing a hidden gem or smoldering issue. By complementing Text Analytics insight with additional data sources across the Medallia platform, customers gain clarity into which issues will have a direct impact on key business metrics, such as NPS (Net Promoter ScoreⓇ), and their bottom line.

Medallia Text Analytics customers across myriad industries, including financial services, retail, telecom, hospitality and enterprise software, partnered with Medallia to share requirements and give feedback on the new topic discovery engine. A number of those customers have since adopted the new technology, including Sage Software, a global provider of accounting, ERP and payroll solutions for small and medium sized businesses.

“Hard data only tells part of the customer story. Listening to what customers are saying is what brings that data to life and gives my CX team the insight they need to take action that’s focused on the highest priority friction areas across our customer lifecycle,” said Jim Pendergast, SVP of global customer experience at Sage. “We receive thousands of customer comments daily. Each one of those comments is a learning opportunity for us. It would be impossible to extract tangible meaning out of this data without Medallia.”

Medallia’s machine learning approach automatically clusters and classifies conceptually related expressions and sentences, enabling its customers to anticipate and respond to changes in customer feedback and sentiment. Such machine learning-based approaches outperform traditional rule-based approaches that cannot capture the richness and complexity of natural language.

Medallia’s Software-as-a-Service application enables companies to capture customer feedback everywhere the customer is (including web, social, mobile, and contact center channels), understand it in real time, and deliver insights and action everywhere—from the C-suite to the frontline—to improve their performance.

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