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Logi Analytics Self-Service Analytics

Logi Analytics Self-Service Analytics

Logi Analytics Self-Service Analytics : Logi 12, is a major product release that provides self-service analytics tailored to the unique skills and needs of every individual. Logi 12 consists of a new product (Logi DataHub), a new module (Discovery Module for Logi Info), as well as significant enhancements to its Logi Info business intelligence (BI) platform and Logi Vision data discovery application.

Today, everyone is expected to make data-driven decisions, but organizations struggle with poor adoption of BI tools and frustrated end users. This is because the traditional one-size-fits-all BI approach often results in tools that are difficult to use, take too long to deliver, and don’t provide information in the context of where people work.
“Our answer is the Continuum of Self-Service Analytics, a framework that accommodates the various roles and skills of every individual by addressing their evolving analytical needs, both now and in the future,” said Brett Jackson, chief executive officer for Logi Analytics. “With Logi 12, we are breaking down the barriers to broad-based user adoption by providing analytic products that can be tailored to every person in an organization.”

Logi 12 addresses the analytical needs of all users across the self-service continuum, whether they wish to interact with IT-created reports and dashboards, author reports and dashboards, or explore data to detect patterns, identify trends, and answer new questions. Moreover, Logi 12 offerings can be embedded directly within the context of the applications people use every day, improving adoption and leading to smarter business decisions for the line of business.

Offerings within Logi 12 include Logi DataHub which is a new product that works with both Logi Info and Logi Vision to simplify data preparation and ensure high performance for self-service analytics. With DataHub, customers can rapidly connect, acquire, and blend data from files, applications or databases, whether on-premise or in the cloud; cache it in a high-performance self-tuning repository; and prepare it using DataHub’s smart profiling, joining, and intuitive data enrichment. Logi DataHub includes connection to databases, including HP Vertica, SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, ODBC, and OLEDB; cloud applications including, Marketo, Eloqua, HubSpot, NetSuite, MS Dynamics, Quickbooks, Freshbooks, Google Analytics, Twitter, Facebook and ODATA, as well as Excel and CSV files.

Discovery Module, an add-on for Logi Info, offers exploratory visual analysis that can be embedded in existing applications. The Discovery Module has an intuitive end user interface, including chart recommendations that helps business users quickly understand data and discover insights more quickly in a self-directed environment. Users also have the ability to publish new insights to shared dashboards to collaborate with workgroups.

Logi Info now includes new interactive visualizations, self-service dashboard authoring, and real-time charts. Updates include faster application development, integration with GIT and TFS, and 2x – 10x faster performance.
Logi Vision is now smarter than ever, providing business users with an improved data visualization recommendation engine that learns from user activities. New project templates help shortcut data discovery with prepopulated data connections, visualizations, and dashboards that simply require users to connect their data to begin their analysis.

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