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Leadfeeder is a sales and marketing tool which uses the users’ Google Analytics data to show real companies visiting the users’ website and also integrates to the users’ CRM and email marketing tools to increase sales intelligence.

Leadfeeder offers features such as LinkedIn connection, automatic lead scoring, MailChimp integration, Personal email alerts, Leads to your CRM, Free users, Powerful search and versatile filtering. Leadfeeder will send the users’ sales leads’ visit data to the users’ CRM and email inbox so users have the data where users need it.

Leadfeeder helps users share B2B marketing and sales data between the users’ teams and validate the users’ marketing efforts. Leadfeeder integrates to leading CRMs and email marketing tools and integrations enabling the users’ sales teams to capitalize on marketing insights. Leedfeeder lets users identify visitors and see which companies and people are visiting the users’ website.

Leadfeeder will notify users by email when users target company visits. Leadfeeder automatically updates users CRM when a lead revisits. Leadfeeder is the best way to generate free sales leads and to get started all the users need is access to the company’s Google Analytics. Leadfeeder shows who users are connected to at a visiting company so users can start a conversation with minimal effort. Users can search for any company in Leadfeeder and view their complete browsing history so users get a full picture of what interests them. Users can also add as many users as users like and use Leadfeeder’s lead management tools together so the users’ company never misses another online lead.

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