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Lavastorm Analytics Engine Platform Deliver Predictive Insights

Lavastorm Analytics Engine Platform Deliver Predictive Insights

Lavastorm Analytics Engine Platform Deliver Predictive Insights : Lavastorm Analytics Engine is a data discovery solution, with a visual analytic environment that allows to rapidly integrate diverse data, and to easily discover insights, and continuously detect anomalies, outliers, or patterns. Lavastorm Analytics Engine platform enables business analysts who have a limited knowledge of complex data science to deliver business impacting insights using predictive analytics. Business analysts can leverage key aspects of data science without requiring a specialized educational background in advanced analytics. Business analysts typically encounter a host of core problems when trying to utilize predictive analytics. They lack the necessary skills and training of data scientists to work in complex programming environments like R.Many existing business intelligence tools are not tailored to enable self service data assembly for business analysts to marry rich data sets with their essential business knowledge. There is also a lack of transparency and collaboration between business analysts, IT and data scientists to implement and realize the true value of data models within their organization.

Lavastorm solves each of these problems by giving business analysts drag and drop capabilities specifically designed to help them master predictive analytics. This capability within the Lavastorm Analytics Engine’s visual, data flow driven approach enables a new method for authoring advanced analyses by providing a single shared canvas upon which users with complementary skill sets can collaborate to rapidly produce robust, trusted analytical applications.

Lavastorm Analytics Engine platform  deliver Predictive Insights

Lavastorm Analytics Engine platform deliver Predictive Insights

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The Lavastorm Analytics Engine provides self service capability for business users in the areas of integration, analytics, and business control by rapidly acquiring, transforming, combining, and enriching data from virtually any source, including Big Data sources without intensive modeling, pre planning, or scripting.

The Lavastorm Analytics Engine platform provides an easy to use, drag and drop data preparation environment to provide business analysts a self-serve predictive analytics solution that gives them more power and a step by step validation for their visualization tools. Features include Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, K-Means Clustering, Hierarchical Clustering, and Decision Tree. Linear Regression calculate a line of best fit to estimate the values of a variable of interest and Logistic Regression calculate probabilities of binary outcomes. K-Means Clustering form a user-specified number of clusters out of data sets based on user-defined criteria and Hierarchical Clustering form a user-specified number of clusters out of data sets by using an iterative process of cluster merging. Decision Tree predict outcomes by identifying patterns from an existing data set.

Lavastorm Analytics Engine let authors send non technical analytic consumers a link to an analytic application that is viewable and executable via the web on any desktop or mobile device. The non technical analytic consumers can view the “what” and “how” of analytic applications, including data flow logic and interim data, and also execute it using dynamic parameter values.

Lavastorm also offer Lavastorm Analytics Engine Public Edition which is an easy to use, cost effective tool for ad hoc discovery and business process audit analytics. Public Edition is ideal for those who want to put analytic processing power on desktop and do not require the big data processing power, automated and continuous analytics, and collaboration capabilities of the Lavastorm Analytic Engine Server.

“Demand for advanced analytic capabilities from companies across the globe is growing exponentially, but data scientists or those with specialized backgrounds around predictive analytics are in short supply,” said Drew Rockwell, CEO of Lavastorm. “Business analysts have a wealth of valuable data and valuable business knowledge, and with the Lavastorm Analytic Engine, are perfectly positioned to move beyond their current expertise in descriptive analytics to focus on the future, predicting what will happen, helping their companies compete and win on analytics.”

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