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Keeping Data Safe with Informatica Secure@Source

Keeping Data Safe with Informatica Secure@Source

Keeping Data Safe with Informatica Secure@Source: Informatica Secure@Source, is a Data Security Intelligence solution that enables enterprises to take a much needed data centric approach to information security by empowering organizations to identify and visualize sensitive data wherever it resides, inside or outside of the corporate perimeter. With this focus, organizations can improve their data breach resiliency and achievement of global privacy and audit initiatives. Key to data security intelligence is sensitive data proliferation analysis understanding where applications create sensitive information in databases and how that information is proliferated to other data stores for use by line-of-business applications, cloud services and mobile apps. Informatica Secure@Source address the extensive security challenges arising from massive enterprise data growth and proliferation beyond the corporate firewall to public and private clouds, mobile devices, outsourced and off-shore resources and big data analytics platforms. By identifying the location and risk of sensitive data and leveraging data intelligence analytics, organizations can better achieve their data security and privacy obligations to customers, employees and partners. Informatica Secure@Source enhances traditional network and host- based security by identifying and analyzing sensitive data so that data security can be applied to help thwart data theft from internal or external sources.


Informatica Secure@Source

Informatica Secure@Source

Informatica Secure@Source provides data security professionals with automated capabilities, an easy-to-use graphical interface, and a dashboard and reporting environment for Enterprise-wide assessment of sensitive data risks, Sensitive data classification and discovery, Sensitive data proliferation analysis, Policy-based alerting and Dashboards, visualizations, reports, and alerts.

Enterprise-wide assessment of sensitive data risks enables users assess risk and quantify the cost of potential data breaches based on multiple factors and using customizable weightings. Sensitive data classification and discovery allow users discover sensitive data based on preexisting and/or customizable policies, identify top departments and applications with the highest risks, and visualize hot spots of high data sensitivity, exposure and risk levels. Sensitive data proliferation analysis provides users discover and track sensitive data proliferation, visually monitor the flow of data from sources to targets, and determine the protection status, severity and risk score for each data store.Policies are easily defined and implemented to identify high-risk conditions and issue appropriate alerts, including when sensitive data leaves a country, when sensitive data is found in unauthorized locations, when regulatory data is not sufficiently protected, and when risk levels reach critical thresholds. Dashboards, visualizations, reports, and alerts delivers a rich array of dashboards and reports to facilitate the abstraction of complex database relationships while also enabling drill-down and analysis of data risk and relationships.

According to Amit Walia, senior vice president and general manager, Data Security Group, Informatica, “Data security represents a fast-growing market opportunity, projected by analysts to grow by 17 percent a year and reach $1.2 billion by 2018. The growing societal demand for strengthened data privacy and anticipated legislation around cyber-security, including notification of data breaches and data residency laws, are just two reasons why data-centric security is becoming so important a tool. We are leveraging our investments in data-centric security and our Intelligent Data Platform to continue to build innovative solutions such as Secure@Source to meet evolving data security needs.”

Informatica Secure@Source is powered by the Informatica Intelligent Data Platform, designed to help business users easily integrate, consume and analyze all types of data. Informatica Secure@Source works by gathering insights from data context and from metadata to power its highly accurate location and risk analytics. In addition to complementing existing data management and security solutions, Secure@Source leverages information from these solutions to present a truly comprehensive solution for understanding and managing sensitive data risk.Informatica Secure@Source is available as a subscription-based offering and provides sensitive data risk assessment, classification and discovery, and proliferation analysis capabilities.

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  • Rohit Kukreja
    March 7, 2019 at 6:27 am

    We like to get more information about installing process of Informatica Secure@source, other than Installing manual; Some Images of different phases of installation.
    thank you.

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