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Interactive self-updating dashboards from ClicData

Interactive self-updating dashboards from ClicData

Interactive self-updating dashboards from ClicData : ClicData, provides an intuitive SaaS solution to create and share business dashboards. ClicData wants to enable every company owners to become the master of their own data by creating appealing and meaningful dashboards as well as giving them the opportunity to share their work easily.Companies face challenges which requires flexibility and quick responses to ever changing market trends and demands. They need to set performance indicators to monitor and properly manage their activity and quickly react to business evolutions. Intuitive and available online at any time, ClicData is a business intelligence tool designed to create online dashboards and easily keep track of all the information critical to an organization. Easy-to-use, there is no need for advanced knowledge in business analytics to operate the solution.

This data management and visualization tool helps the user maintain their data centralized and organised while keeping collaborators informed at all times through interactive dashboards, self-updating reports and shared workspaces. The idea is to connect various sources of data, create a unified monitoring dynamic chart or dashboard and share the information.

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First, the user can connect to a large array of data sources such as Google Analytics, Facebook, Salesforce, Oracle, MySQL and files on Dropbox, Google Drive and many many more. The application also includes data management tools allowing the user to edit or create data sources directly within the application. After selecting from one or several sources, the user creates a dashboard as simply as creating a presentation by dragging and dropping charts, gauges, labels, maps, or any of the additional dozens of available widgets. ClicData is a collaborative workspace and once the dashboard is created, the user can share it with collaborators, clients or service providers in just a few clicks. The dashboard is automatically refreshed and re-shared when data is updated.

After creating a dashboard, users have the ability to automate the data refresh and the distribution of dashboard through the Schedule control panel in ClicData. ClicData set up rules so that alerts you by email or notification to stay on top of key indicators automatically.

ClicData allows to visualize data through maps. It helps to track product performance across different regions for example, or to display statistics about certain epidemics’ evolution if you are working in this particular field.

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