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Inserm Talent recruitment process with Expert System’s Luxid Navigator Discovery Portal

Inserm Talent recruitment process with Expert System’s Luxid Navigator Discovery Portal

French biomedical and public health institution. Inserm chose Expert System’s Luxid Navigator biomedical information portal to support its New Talent recruitment process. This will enable Inserm to rapidly identify the best domain-specific experts worldwide to form the most efficient and reliable bid review committee.

The mission of Inserm’s Department of Programs Evaluation and Monitoring is to evaluate and structure the activities of internal research and evaluate candidates applying for new Call for Projects. To ensure recruitment loyalty, Inserm must coordinate with up to 5 external subject matter experts to evaluate the candidate’s application. Finding the leading experts among various domains throughout the world, and the subsequent process of coordinating their feedback, is a lengthy and time-consuming process. To make this process more efficient while ensuring transparency, Inserm wanted an automated solution for identifying subject matter experts.

Inserm chose Expert System’s Luxid Navigator, a user-friendly SaaS analytics application that helps scientists visually explore the world of biopharma open data and target relevant information for their work with best-in-class analytics and visualization. Today, members of Inserm’s Department of Programs Evaluation and Monitoring can simply enter the name of the research project in the Luxid Navigator search field and activate the ‘Expert’ lens to automatically list all of the current globally renowned experts in a domain. Detailed information such as measurable publication metrics and collaboration networks provided by Luxid Navigator help Inserm identify both established opinion leaders and rising stars.

“Luxid Navigator generates highly relevant expert profiles through a global overview including keywords related to experts, the list of contributed journals, production trends, close collaborators, as well as contact information,” said Nicole Haeffner-Cavaillon, Unit Manager – Measurements, Indicators, Bibliometrics, Department of Programs Evaluation and Monitoring, Inserm.

For The Department of Programs Evaluation and Monitoring, Luxid Navigator offers several advantages:

• Loyalty: Luxid Navigator is compliant with the institution’s code of ethics. By providing a global independent view of existing experts, Luxid Navigator avoids bias and cronyism. In addition, the ability to rapidly gather 3 to 5 external experts ensures the final decision will not be influenced by any conflict of interest.

• Increased search productivity: Luxid Navigator provides instantaneous tabulated results with clear informative graphics and a visually appealing color scheme. This user-friendly interface accelerates the expert search process. Finding the right subject matter expert is greatly reduced from hours to minutes.

• Highly reliable results: Luxid Navigator’s expert repository is constantly updated. It also evaluates the expert’s level of excellence based on the reputation rating of the journals where they have been published. Keywords associated with the expert are also revealed, which can help quickly identify areas of expertise.

“The strength of our life sciences dedicated platform, Luxid Navigator, has allowed us to build a solid relationship with Inserm,” said Charles Huot, Corporate Development Officer, Expert System. “Inserm has also helped our team better understand the needs of large research institutes and we are extending the capabilities of Luxid Navigator for monitoring institutional internal research activities and rapidly building reports on their various research units.”

Luxid Navigator enables users to provide their peers with critical information for making faster, more informed clinical, regulatory and business decisions. The application offers other specific search lenses that enable the user to Visualize competitor pipelines, Analyze safety signals, Mine news and research and Identify key opinion leaders.

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