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Open Data Science Into Excel with Anaconda Fusion

Open Data Science brings powerful predictive technologies to your data through Python and R. But business people in your organization who work with data every day live in their world of spreadsheets. They are often not Python or R users, and don't know how to use these tools in their workflow. They know and love […]

AnacondaCON 2017

At AnacondaCON, you will engage with foundational contributors and thought leaders in the Open Data Science movement who are harnessing the power and innovation of our community. The agenda will be filled with educational, informative and thought-provoking sessions to ensure you walk away with the knowledge and connections you need to move your Open Data […]


More Information on Predictive Analysis Process

Predictive Analytics Process Flow

For more information of predictive analytics process, please review the overview of each components in the predictive analytics process: data collection (data mining), data analysis, statistical analysis, predictive modeling and predictive model deployment.

Top predictive analytics software and Top predictive analytics open source software.

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