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Enhancements to GoodData Extensible Analytics Engine (XAE)

Enhancements to GoodData Extensible Analytics Engine (XAE)

Enhancements to GoodData Extensible Analytics Engine (XAE) : Extensible Analytics Engine (XAE) sits between the data in Agile Data Warehouse and business driven requirements. GoodData improved the Extensible Analytics Engine (XAE), by providing support for predictive analysis, and the introduction of Automation and Visualization Software Development Kits (SDKs), simplifying countless data tasks. These updates enable organizations to work more efficiently and collaboratively, reducing operational overhead and expanding data visualization and discovery capabilities.

GoodData, the leader in end-to-end cloud analytics, enables more than 200,000 users to store, combine, analyze and visualize data to quickly answer business-critical questions. GoodData’s mission is to help companies become all data enterprises: organizations that gain a competitive advantage by leveraging all data through analytics. The GoodData Open Analytics Platform helps companies manage and analyze that data in one seamless, interactive environment and create breakthrough applications to empower their customers and users

GoodData users will now be able to benefit from a suite of new and enhanced capabilities including:

Extensible Analytics Engine (XAE)

Statistical packages with predictive functions for forecasting trends and calculating regressions are added in Extensible Analytics Engine (XAE). Also capabilities for computed attributes that bucket groups dynamically for faster analyses and insights across custom ranges, adaptive intelligence recognizes data model changes automatically and eliminates manual rework for updates in addition to handling advanced business logic and distributed performance optimization of big data analytics .

Automation SDK

Capabilities for automated deployment capabilities across the entire data management life-cycle. Significant operational efficiency gains thanks to the advanced multi-threaded processing of distributed cloud computing resources and enhanced collaboration, packaging, provisioning, and distribution capabilities across product lines or internal departments.

Visualization SDK

Extend the GoodData platform with custom visualizations using JavaScript libraries like D3.js and Highcharts

These updates follow GoodData’s June announcement of its Agile Data Warehousing Service, a fully managed, centralized and clustered, cloud warehousing solution, a cornerstone of its Open Analytics Platform, the industry’s first end-to-end cloud business intelligence platform serving business and IT user needs for data governance and transparency. GoodData’s platform is the only one of its kind with the ability to support the flexibility, customization and scale necessary to answer the complex questions that businesses face today.


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