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Easynet selected Fairsail’s cloud HRMS

Easynet selected Fairsail’s cloud HRMS

Easynet, the global managed services provider, has selected Fairsail’s award-winning cloud HRMS to support its global HR function following a significant merger and continuing expansion into new geographic markets. Supporting comprehensive processes such as talent acquisition, performance management and talent development, Fairsail was implemented in just 80 days, delivering a truly global system and enabling Easynet to better manage its people.

Easynet, an Interoute company, is a multinational business services organization with 900 employees located in 15 offices, across 9 countries including Belgium, China, France Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, the UK and the US. The company’s continuing market expansion and business growth proved to be the catalyst in highlighting the increasing need for one comprehensive HR system with global and local capabilities.

Prior to engaging Fairsail HRMS, Easynet was using an Oracle HR system which required monthly data uploads before any effective HR reporting could be undertaken. In addition, the company’s HR was fragmented with different systems being used in different countries, many of which were driven by different payroll providers. Aware that there was a better alternative – and knowing that the upcoming merger would only complicate global HR matters further – senior management recognized the pressing need to ensure better workforce visibility through improved accuracy of, and accessibility to, its people data.

Easynet initially looked at more than a dozen different industry HRMS providers before shortlisting five global HRMS vendors. Oracle and Workday were among those considered but Fairsail was favoured for its more flexible, cost effective, and user-friendly offering. In conjunction with this tender process, Easynet also surveyed two payroll service providers before going on to select Safeguard due to its ability to integrate with Fairsail.

The benefits of having one HR system of record that meets the often complex global and local needs of a modern and geographically diverse workforce are already being seen by the Easynet team. Fairsail is delivering consistent workforce experiences across a range of processes, including employee self-service and absence management. The HRMS is also being used in the UK to validate health and safety checks, and perform background checks.

The HR team has seen tangible benefits immediately with a reduction in the amount of administration associated with managing employee records, payroll information, and timesheet processing. HR productivity has increased by 25% since the implementation of Fairsail HRMS and Easynet’s HR leaders are now able to offer more strategic value to the business as a consequence of the reduction in administration and manual tasks.

Fairsail is also helping to improve Easynet’s financial reporting process, by replacing 10 different sources of HR data with a single source of employee records integrated with benefits and payroll. This has made it much easier for the finance team to source accurate workforce related information, such as the estimation of employee costs and associated financial reports.

Matthjis van Geldere, Group Compensation and Benefits Director at Easynet, explains why his company took the key decision to partner with Fairsail: “We needed an agile HR system that would allow changes to be made quickly and easily, without an army of implementers. The combination of flexibility and comprehensibility that Fairsail offers was therefore a key driver in our decision to engage with them. The Fairsail team was also fantastically supportive and great to work with from the outset, so we felt confident that a strong cultural fit – as well as product fit – was there.”

“We are delighted to have partnered with Easynet to provide a truly intuitive system that has delivered tangible business benefits and instant workforce visibility, quickly,” said Fairsail CEO, Adam Hale. “We love working with progressive international firms that want to transform their business and we’ve enjoyed working with Easynet to greatly increase HR productivity and deliver a world class workforce experience to their employees. We’re extremely pleased to have been chosen from a base of much larger competitors, and even more pleased to have met the ambitious implementation and delivery schedule that was set out for us.”

Easynet is now continuing to roll out new processes, capabilities and functionality across its multinational workforce, with internal communications, talent acquisition and performance management expected to be the next priorities.

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