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DataRobot Brings Automated Data Science

DataRobot Brings Automated Data Science

DataRobot announced that their machine learning platform has achieved the highest level of certification on Cloudera Enterprise 5, the modern platform for data management and analytics.“This is a great day for Hadoop users with a data science backlog due to skills shortage”, said Jeremy Achin, DataRobot CEO and Co-founder. “Now Cloudera Enterprise users can seamlessly incorporate automated machine learning into their big data analytics environment, with no additional interfaces, protocols, or management skills required,” he added.

DataRobot’s broad and deep integration with Cloudera Enterprise enables users to take advantage of key innovations within Cloudera Enterprise and extract the most value from the solution. The integrated solution provides the following benefits:

Installs via Parcels – allows DataRobot to deploy new and updated releases using Cloudera Manager with no down time, CSD integrated – Allows Cloudera Manager to monitor resources used by DataRobos, Kerberos – LDAP/AD support (Authentication), Sentry enabled – Authorization/Governance/Compliance, YARN enabled – Resource Manager for multi-tenant environments and Uses Spark/MLlib – Flexible, in-memory data processing.

“DataRobot’s deep integration with Cloudera Enterprise enables organizations to quickly and easily deploy the solution and focus on gaining useful insight from their machine learning to drive positive business outcomes,” said Tim Stevens, vice president of Business and Corporate Development at Cloudera.

With this announcement DataRobot sets the bar high, as the only Cloudera ISV certified on Spark, YARN, CSDs, and Parcels. DataRobot running on Cloudera Enterprise provides unmatched levels of performance, reliability, security, and ease-of-use that Fortune 500 clients demand.

“The integration of DataRobot and Hadoop will enable us to derive even higher value from our data lake on Cloudera,” said Matt Elson, executive vice president of partnerships, Evariant. “We anticipate far better efficiencies for our data science team, more accurate models, and a lower TCO due to this integration with Cloudera.”

DataRobot provides a high performance machine learning automation software platform and an innovative practical data science education program that work together to provide the fastest path to data science success for organizations of all sizes.

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