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January 14, 2018

What is Social Media Management Software ?

Social Media Management software are computer tools that help automate, manage and analyze interactions on various social media platforms all from a single unified place. These application programs are designed and created to help facilitate and enhance an organization’s ability to successfully engage across various social communication channels. Social Media Management software provide functionalities that enable brands and people run various social media accounts by managing followership. The creation and scheduling of what is posted on these social media accounts is another use case of Social Media Management software. These computer applications are [...]

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January 14, 2018

What is Influencer Marketing Software ?

Every business wants to establish credibility, enjoy greater visibility, and encourage social discourse about their brand. When businesses expand their target audiences and more persons become familiar with their brand, their chances of converting visitors into buyers are increased. This, in turn, would positively impact sales. Choosing the right platform for brand awareness and wide-reaching results is essential for overall success. Influencer marketing software can help many businesses achieve these objectives. Influencer marketing software is an effective marketing solution for e-commerce businesses and is designed to recruit and manage influencers. [...]

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November 3, 2017


Juicer is a simple way to aggregate all of the user’s brands' hashtag and social media posts into a single beautiful social media feed on the user’s website. Juicer offers features such as posts from all user’s accounts, website embed, provided styling, automatic updates and straightforward moderation. Juicer automatically pulls in new posts from the user’s social media accounts and displays them in a beautiful, easy to install social feed on the user’s website. Juicer lets the users set up filters, moderate posts and analyze the user’s social media engagement. Juicer is easily installed and set up in 3 simple steps. Step one is to add all the accounts [...]

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October 14, 2017


Publicfast is a marketing tool for influencers that helps create branded social media campaigns with influencers. It helps every brand find and locate the right influencers across the globe and on all social networks. It is found on 5 major social networks which are facebook, Instagram, youtube, and vkontakte and is soon launching snapcat, musica.y and periscope. It has over 35 topics for your best expertise. It helps brands and agencies find the right influencers across social networks and the globe and also help influencers earn for creating content about brands in their niche. Public fast has over 35,000 influencers in beauty, entertainment, [...]

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October 14, 2017


Influential is premier AI influencer with deep data enriched by IBM Watson. It matches brands with social media influencers on facebook, Instagram,twitter,snapchat and youtube. Influential leverages AI machine learning to suggest influencers through actionable insight and predictive intelligence and delivers unparralled results for influencer marketing initiatives. With IBM Watson you can use the proprietary brand match score to determine the right audience and right influencers. It has a beautiful and intuitive workflow to manage all aspects of your campaign, you can receive comprehensive, presentation-ready campaign recaps and real-time performance [...]