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June 14, 2017


Metabase is the easy, open source way for everyone in the users’ company to ask questions and learn from data.Users can easily filter and group their data to find just what they are looking for, all without ever writing a line of sql or having to wait on a co-worker. It just takes a click to see individual records and explore connections between users’ data, so users can move from who, to what effortlessly. Users can move from their data to beautiful graphs and charts with just a few clicks. When users need to dig into the complicated stuff, Metabase provides an elegant SQL interface for people who need a little more power. Not only that, users can also [...]

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June 14, 2017


Ubiq is a web-based reporting tool for MySQL, PostgreSQL database. Ubiq makes it easy to analyze business data. Users can create web-based reports & online dashboards in minutes. Ubiq provides advanced reporting capabilities to build custom dashboard and reports for users’ organization. It enables users to export dashboard and reports in multiple formats. Users can securely share them with others.Ubiq is a web-based reporting software that lets users quickly build interactive dashboards and reports using a drag & drop interface. Users can see results in beautiful online dashboards & reports. There is no uploading of data or programming [...]

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June 14, 2017

SQL Power Wabit

The SQL Power Wabit empowers database & business users around the world to perform ALL their reporting and analytics from one straightforward, easy-to-use interface.Recognizing that end-users struggling with overly-complex BI Tools is the number one reason why Business Intelligence projects fail to deliver the desired ROI, SQL Power Wabit was designed to conquer this primary issue. Although there are many BI Reporting tools on the market (both proprietary and Open Source), most of these tools are fairly difficult to use and require one or more days of training before a user can get started. Committed to providing business users around the world with [...]

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June 14, 2017


Beekeeper lets developers write SQL to quickly build reports and share data with business users. Beekeeeper connects to the users’ database over a secure, encrypted channel. Users can write SQL speedily with its query workbench, plus users can also save them for later or share with the users’ team. Users may add parameters like date and region to their query to generate a business user interface. Share links, binders, embeddable code, or emails with team members or customers using Beekeeper. Writing SQL in Beekeeper is quick and easy with its full-featured IDE. Users can represent their data visually to provide quick insights to busy co-workers. Each [...]

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June 14, 2017


Cluvio is a cloud analytics platform for startups and data-driven teams, trusted by over 100 companies. Users can use SQL and R to analyze their data and in a few minutes create beautiful, interactive dashboards for their entire company. There is a wealth of information hiding in the data in the users’ database that is just waiting to be discovered. Daily active users, monthly recurring revenue, signups per day. With Cluvio, users can see the most important KPIs on interactive, real-time dashboards anywhere, anytime. Users can receive alerts for conditions that users define - a sudden drop in number of orders, increased error rates or revenue goals that [...]