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Self Service Analytics Software is a system that helps businesses to access, extract and analyze corporate data without necessarily having to employ data scientists or professionals with an IT background. It is an application that enables not only business experts but also inexperienced users to explore data, perform queries and generate rich reports on their own. The software, therefore, plays a vital role in businesses by reducing the costs of hiring data professionals. Businesses use self-service analytics software to find business opportunities and market gaps in real time. The system ensures that users, even those with no knowledge of IT, can easily join together the copious potential in their business data to realize new opportunities and potential customers. The software realizes such opportunities by digging out probable prospects from the documented business data. Such data is then analyzed and tailored to generate meaningful reports. It also helps organizations to analyze looming risks and events. Self-service analytics software helps firms to make highly informed decisions by providing the ability to access the right data. This data is then used by the firms to craft their modified business intelligence insights, dashboards, and conceptions that the firms use for decision-making purposes.

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Self Service Analytics Free
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