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June 14, 2017

Connexica CXAIR

CXAIR provides Search Powered Business Analytics, the smartest way to discover your data.Connexica is using search engine technology can be utilised to plug many of the gaps in traditional business analytics (such as SQL and / or OLAP) and discarded the traditional blue-print. As a search-engine speed tool, CXAIR is able to scale terabytes and petabytes of data with flexibility and simplicity that allows users across an organisation to take advantage of the software, therefore freeing up valuable resource.CXAIR is a world-class self-service business intelligence solution that utilizes search-engine technology to empower users’ organization and its users [...]

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June 14, 2017


Vizard is Infruid’s patent-pending and award-winning Business Intelligence & Data Visualization tool. Vizard helps users ask questions in simple English and answers back with interactive charts. Vizard is a complete Self-service BI tool that combines consumer-grade user experience with enterprise-class features. Designed from ground-up for the Business Managers, Vizard’s insanely intuitive and easy to use interface which lets users ask questions in simple English, while responding with Visual Insights presented as interactive charts on mobiles, tablets or laptops. With Vizard, infruid labs is bringing Business and Intelligence back to BI. Vizard, a [...]

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October 15, 2016


AnswerRocket is a Search-Powered Analytics that helps users get the right answers based on simple questions that doesn’t require any technician in formulating them. Users can simply type in their questions the way that they would want to deliver it as if asking another person and AnswerRocket will be the one responsible suggesting or paraphrasing the questions and provide accurate answers.AnswerRocket responds to natural language questions with visualizations that make data easy to understand and explore. It could be in a form of graphs or charts, depending on what is needed by the business. AnswerRocket provides solutions that users will be able to grasp [...]

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