Revenue Management Platform

Revenue Management software helps organizations – especially those in the hospitality industry – manage their fixed costs while using data analytics to capture demand. This helps them maximize their revenues through pricing decisions. Data used can be in-house or captured from the industry at large. When used in the hotel industry the software helps them factor in the right room price based on current demand. Users can create personalized loyalty programs that are aimed at rewarding faithful customers while improving conversions. This also helps in improving customer relations. Rooms can be categorized individually or segmented and this ensures that revenue is maximized. The software uses advanced yield and pricing algorithms with some taking advantage of Artificial intelligence for smart decisions. Results are them displayed on the dashboard with numerous reports available to the user. Managers can perform year to year comparisons and use the performance index numbers to make smart budgets that capture emerging trends. Multiple stakeholders in the hospitality industry are given access to a variety of revenue analysis reports in real time. Events demand calendar is integrated in the system and this lets managers take advantage of on-season demand. The software is available on cloud and comes with mobile apps that keeps you updated on the go.

PAT Grid™ for Revenue Management Platform


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Revenue Management Platform
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